Which states require a PD (pupillary distance) with a prescription?

June 17, 2017

Pupillary Distance Required in an Eye Exam

In order to buy a pair of glasses here on Umizato, you will need your PD or pupillary distance (aka interpupillary distance). We recommend that you get it when you get your prescription from an Eye Care Profressional (ECP). Here is a break down of what states require your ECP (e.g. optometrist) to measure and give your PD with your prescription. For those of you that want the abridged version (TL;DR) then basically, there are 3 states that require the PD in an RX, and those are Alaska, Massachusetts, and New Mexico. 

Pupillary Distance Required in an Eye Exam


 State Requires PD?
Alabama No
Alaska Yes -- Reference Statute Here
Arizona No
Arkansas No
California No
Colorado No
Connecticut No
Delaware No
Florida Maybe, Statute is Vague
Georgia No
Hawaii No
Idaho No
Illinois No
Indiana No
Iowa No
Kansas No
Kentucky No
Louisiana No
Maine No
Maryland No
Massachusetts Yes - Reference Consumer Affairs Here
Michigan No
Minnesota No
Mississippi No
Missouri No
Montana No
Nebraska No
Nevada No
New Hampshire No
New Jersey No
New Mexico Yes - Reference Statute Here
New York No
North Carolina No
North Dakota No
Ohio No
Oklahoma No
Oregon No
Pennsylvania No
Rhode Island Maybe, Statute is Vague
South Carolina No
South Dakota No
Tennessee No
Texas No
Utah No
Vermont No
Virginia No
Washington No
West Virginia No
Wisconsin No
Wyoming No

Disclaimer: We take no responsibility for the accuracy of this data provided here. We are NOT a legal entity providing legal advice. This blog and data is provided as informational purposes only and you must conduct your due diligence!

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