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March 23, 2017

At Umizato, we offer 3 types of lenses:

  1. Hoya Phoenix 1.53 (Trivex) - which is our standard lens and is included for free
  2. Seiko 1.60 aspheric with Surpass ECP Super Hydrophobic AR
  3. Seiko 1.67 aspheric with Superclean double hardcoat and advanced hydrophobic topcoat

Hoya/Seiko is one of the leading Japanese lens manufacturing companies in the world and is a respected brand throughout the optical community, known for it's quality of products.

Hoya Phoenix

This cutting edge technological lens is made of Trivex material. Inherently, it is the lightest prescription lens material in the world, blocks 100% of all UV-A and UV-B (basically all UV emitted naturally), and is extremely durable and impact resistant. In fact, Phoenix is around 60 times more impact resistant than plastic (CR-39) lenses and meets industrial safety eyewear standards. On top of all that, this lens has a great ABBE value (43), which means it's a lot less likely to suffer from chromatic aberrations as opposed to polycarbonate, resulting in superior optics.

We literally "top" it all off with a great lens treatment which has anti-reflective, hardcoat, and hydrophobic qualities on par with any other premium treatments and far exceeding that of most standard (free) lenses offered by other online stores. These lenses come with a 2 year warranty and are easy to clean and scratch-resistant.

The following is a quick comparison of Phoenix vs what most other online eyewear companies carry, polycarbonate, as their default lens of choice:

Hoya Phoenix (Made of Trivex) with premium lens treatment

  • Great ABBE Value = Superior optics
  • Lightest lens material in the world
  • Premium scratch resistance
  • Premium anti-reflectance
  • Hydrophobic
  • Aspheric

Polycarbonate with basic lens treatment

  • One of worst ABBE values around
  • Susceptible to chromatic aberrations
  • Basic anti-reflectance
  • Basic scratch resistance
  • NOT Hydrophobic
  • Spherical

On our home page, we show images of two lenses. The lens on the left is our Phoenix lens and the lens on the right is a generic polycarbonate. Because of the way polycarbonate is manufactured, all poly lenses have internal stress that may degrade optical clarity.

Here at Umizato, we made a conscious decision to not use polycarbonate. We believe, and many in the optical world will agree, that Phoenix (Trivex) is far superior and we believe in giving you only the best choices. Why do the other companies use polycarbonate? Don't know, you should ask them. Considering the price of Phoenix compared with polycarbonate, we might suspect that that might have a bearing on their decision.

Seiko MR-8 1.60

Our second option, Seiko 1.60, is targeted at our customers who wish to have a thinner lens. Some of you might just like the aesthetics of a thinner lens and how it looks toward the edges of the lens. Some of you might need or desire larger frames and/or have a bit higher prescription power and thus will need a lens with a higher index, which results in reduced lens thickness.

Just as with our Hoya Phoenix, our Seiko 1.60 is aspheric, which in many cases can reduce the thickness of the lens purely through design rather than material. Again, many of the online stores out there will go with spherical lenses only. Also, just like our Phoenix, the Seiko 1.60 has a premium lens treatment. The lens coating on the Seiko 1.60 is super hydrophobic/oleophobic (meaning it repels both water and oils, e.g. from fingers) which helps significantly in reducing the need for constantly cleaning your lens.

Seiko MR-10 1.67

Our third option, is our high index Seiko 1.67. This option is for those of you with a high prescription. These lenses come with a 16 layer lens coating, resulting in one of the most durable and best performing lens treatment around.

The Gist

We are pretty confident we have the best lenses available online at the by far the best prices and we don't do this by reducing the quality of the frames. Our frames are made in the same factories as the leading brand names and go through the same stringent QA. We use only the best materials for our frames and lenses. We offer only 3 lenses because we picked the best 3 lenses we could find to cover all the prescription types that we cover (from -8.00 to +2.75). Please, do your research and check out the competition and what they carry for lenses, we know you will come back to Umizato!

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