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Tobacco has negative side effects on just about every part of the body - from the blood vessels, to the brain, heart, and especially the lungs. These adverse health effects are well documented, but little known is how smoking affects the eyes.

Here are 5 ways smoking affects your eyes:

Dry Eyes

Getting dry eyes from time to time might not seem like a big deal - but consistent dry eyes can lead to permanent damage to your vision.

The thin layer of liquid serves as protective layer to keep your eye well lubricated - without it you can no longer easily protect your retina sufficiently.

This is a result in not just smoke being a natural irritant, but also because it specifically hit the glands around the eyes, cutting off tear flow.

In minor cases that results in red eyes and itchiness, but can easily spiral into something much worse. 


Cataracts are clouding of the eye lens resulting from the clumping of ocular proteins. These proteins naturally degenerate with time, with half of all 80 year old either having or had cataracts.

Smoking accelerates this natural process and can cause cataracts in people decades before they would typically happen.

Cataracts reduce your quality of life with blurry vision, faded colors, poor night sight, and excessive glare.

Macular Degeneration

Age-related macular degeneration (AMD) is one of the leading causes of vision loss in Americans over the age of 65. Smoking tobacco can increase this risk by three times - with females especially hard hit.

This is probably a result in smoking causing significant damage to the blood vessels - consistent damage to this can spur the body to produce new vessels in the eye, obscuring vision.

Depending on the form of AMD, the vision loss can be slow and gradual, or acute.


Uveitis is a disease that causes inflammation of the middle layer of the eye called the uvea. There are several types of uveitis that can undermine your eye such as anterior, intermediate, and posterior.

Early stages of uveitis are known for lowered visual acuity, red eyes, and sensitivity to light. As this disease progresses other secondary problems can result - including things like cataracts and glaucoma.

Smokers are more than twice as likely to suffer from uveitis than non-smokers.

Diabetic Retinopathy

Diabetic retinopathy is a result in spikes in glucose in the blood causing the blood vessels to accumulate sugar. This can damage blood flow to the area - with one of the most sensitive areas being the eye.

Smoking, which already causes significant damage to the blood vessels and the eyes, can be further be exasperated with diabetes - which tobacco smokers have more than twice the chance of developing.

Overall, these eye problems can cause further secondary problems and just reduce your overall standard of life considerably. While tobacco smoke can damage just about every part of the body - it is the eyes that are disproportionately affected.

two people holding glasses of alcohol

Excessive and consistent alcohol abuse has a range of potential health problems like high blood pressure, cancer, and liver cirrhosis - along with damage to your eyesight.

Some ocular problems can be merely irritating, while others can permanently reduce the quality of your life.

Alcohol can affect your eyes in the following ways:

First, intoxication slows the communication between neurotransmitters - when this happens the brain and eyes can’t sync up properly.

  • In the short term, this creates what is popularly called a symptom called “beer goggles”, which leads to double vision and reduce ability to discern contrasting colors.
  • Long term use of alcohol can cause further deterioration to these neurotransmitters, permanently weakening the muscles around the eyes.

The debilitation of the muscles can cause involuntary actions like twitching and rapid eye movement, along with a permanent loss of vision or blindness.

This vision loss is further multiplied because alcohol consumption impacts the liver directly - causing the body use up its store of vitamin A and B-1, two vitamins integral to eye health.

Without these vitamins, a thinning of the cornea can occur resulting in secondary ocular problems like cataract formation, migraines, and decreased reaction of the pupils.

Alcohol also swells the blood vessels, consistent heavy drinkers can have permanently bloodshot eyes.

There are some women who drink while pregnant. Exposure to alcohol while still in the womb can undermine the development of a fetus leading to Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS).

Along with a host of mental, emotional, and physical problems, individuals with FAS have underdeveloped optic nerves which leads to drooping eyes and impaired coordination. 

So, now you wonder how to avoid damaging your eyesight while drinking?

The best way to avoid the damaging effects of alcohol is to simply avoid alcohol altogether.

Moderate alcohol consumption is defined as 2 drinks a day for men and a 1 drink for women - with the expected drink of alcohol to be a typical 12 oz beer or 5 oz cup of wine.

While it is heavily recommended not to go over this amount, if you are drinking more than this, there are a few steps you can take:

  • Between drinks make sure to drink water - alcohol is a diuretic and cause excessive urination and sweating, this can cause eyes to become dried out and bloodshot.
  • Afterward you can be sure to take some vitamins to help restore everything that has been sapped from you - a multi vitamin works well enough, but what your body needs specifically is vitamin A and B-1.

If you are suffering from eyesight problems and are a heavy drinker, you should stop drinking and see an eyesight specialist.

Love is in the air, and every guy has a checklist they have when preparing for their Valentine’s day date: chocolates, flowers, and probably that snazzy button up shirt they look good in. You might be looking in the mirror trying to brush your hair just right, making sure you’re beard is well trimmed, and spraying just a dab of cologne - what you might not be thinking is glasses. In the past it was a common stereotype for guys who wear eyeglasses to be perceived as geeky or weak - nowadays a pair of bifocals can be a strong fashion accessory to complete your look and woo your date. In fact, there are some strong reasons for you to wear a pair of glasses this Valentine’s day!

Reason #1 Most women find men in glasses attractive

Valentines day date couple woman kissing man with black prescription glasses

It’s not unusual for men wearing glasses to seen as the strong executive type, or even as mysterious. There have been multiple studies done showing that people who wear glasses are considered more honest and trustworthy - two great traits to show off to your date! A poll at EyeCandy Optical in Ohio showed that nearly half of women would be thrilled if a guy was sporting a trendy pair of glasses when showing up to a blind date. Indeed, when combined with the right face and clothes, a pair of spectacles can accentuate your best dimensions.

Reason #2 Wearing glasses makes you look smarter

Valentines day date dress nice with bow tie man with round prescription glasses

It’s said that the clothes make the man, and why not the glasses too?  People who wear eyeglasses are often seen as more educated, studious, and intelligent. Psychologists believe that some of this may be true - anyone sporting some specs are less likely to act rashly, as they wouldn’t want to break their glasses. A study by The College of Optometrists showed that over a third people thought those that wore glasses as more professional - with other studies confirming that wearing glasses to a interview increases your chance to get hired on the spot. Women love men that are thoughtful, calm, and collected - a trifecta of characteristics that glasses wearers are often perceived as.

Reason #3 Glasses are stylish and great accessory

Fashionable woman with Umizato's titanium prescription glasses

Approximately 61% of Americans wear glasses - some of those people don’t even need them but just wanted to be cool! Because of this there have been an explosion of different styles all of which can show off your individuality this Valentine’s day. With big frames you can exude confidence, while plastic frames are considered more fun loving. Dark tinted glasses can make you look mysterious, while other tinges mean you are laid back.

Reason #4 You become more approachable

Valentines day date couple man with black prescription glasses drinking coffee

Because of the many benefits of wearing spectacles, you’ll be perceived as much more approachable. If this Valentine’s day is a first date for you, wearing a pair of glasses can put your date at ease. Make sure you get the right pair for your face - what works for a heavily angular face might not work for a rounded one. Not only will you get a great first impression, but glasses can be real useful to flirt with. Try taking off or messing with your glasses when on your date - it’s little things like this that can drive her crazy.

Reason #5 You can see

Valentines day date sweet couple with prescription glasses

A pretty obvious one, but should never be understated. Going on a date without glasses can render one of your strongest attributes, sight, almost useless. If you are farsighted, not wearing your glasses can also force your eyes to overcompensate. This extra strain can cause headaches - which can take attention away from your date. Of course, you could opt in to contact lenses, but not only are they expensive, but they are also unnecessarily complicated.

Final Thoughts…

Glasses have been around since the end of the 13th century, but it’s only been in the last couple decades that their attribute as a fashion accessory has come to the forefront. Glasses not only make you look more attractive, but have been proven to make you look smarter and more approachable. Even Hollywood stars like Idris Elba and Matthew McConaughey have been spotted rocking a pair of stylish spectacles. Hopefully you’re Valentine’s day is a wonderful one, and make it even better with a grade A pair of glasses. ♥

​You rub the top of your head in the hopes of alleviating your headache. You look back to the computer screen, bleary and red eyed, a dull pain radiating through them. This same scenario has played out countless time - a study by the Vision Council found that 70 percent of US adults reported having some sort of digital eye strain. Eye strain from computers can results in headaches, blurry vision, and computer vision syndrome (CVS). The good news is that there are a few tips you can take to alleviate computer eye strain - all it takes is a few changes and some mindfulness.

Tip #1 Proper Lighting

Office desk with working lamp, bright computer screen and sunlight

​Bright sunlight and harsh interior lights can cause glare on your computer screen, causing you to squint your eyes and move your head at awkward angles. Block out the sunlight with some thick curtains and blinds.  Also take a look at what’s going on inside - either use less light sources or lower intensity bulbs. Ideally you want a subtle yellowish ambient light when you are working. Make sure to position your computer screen away from your light source, with the light either to your side or behind you. If you find this impossible to do go ahead and invest into a computer hood.

Tip #2 Adjust Display Settings

office desk working with bright computer screen on

​Looking at a constant bright light can exasperate ocular discomfort. Get around this by adjusting the brightness to just around the same level as your workstation. If you are dealing with a lot of text work, trying increasing the text size and contrast. Smaller text with low contrast can blur together, forcing you to overcompensate. Color temperature is also important, as bluish light has been proven to increase eye strain. You can either manually convert your monitor to a more reddish hue, or install a light management program onto your computer. Programs such as f.lux change the lighting of the screen throughout the day, adapting to the location of the sun.

Tip #3 Take Frequent Breaks

office working man taking computer break and easing eye strain

​Regardless of how much you adjust the lighting of your computer and surrounding area, you are still going to want consistent breaks. If you are working, you probably can’t afford to be away from your computer for long periods of time, but you don’t have to if you follow the 20-20-20 rule. This rule states that every 20 minutes you should take a 20 second break to look at something 20 feet away. This allows your eyes to readjust and recover. You can use this rule in conjunction with constantly blinking. Between each breath you should be blinking at least once - after you have been doing it a while it should come as second nature.

Tip #4 Optimize your Workstation

office working lady eye focusing on bright computer screen

​Keep your screen at an arm’s distance - this can also force you to sit up straighter and avoid lower back strain. You want to be looking slightly down at the screen, so make sure the height is adjusted so the top of the screen is at eye level. If your screen can’t adjust, you can use a monitor raiser or even an old set of books. In addition, but make sure you are using a high quality LCD monitor - anything under a 100 Hz can cause discomfort. From here make sure the keyboard is in front of your computer screen - an awkwardly placed keyboard can cause you to twist and turn your eyes.

Tip #5 Blue Light Blocking Glasses

​All the above, if done correctly, will reduce your digital eye strain. However if you wear contact lenses or bifocals, you might need a little extra help. If you are still suffering from problems you might need blue light blocking computer glasses. These products are optimized to protect your eyes against straining when looking at computer screens. Using anti-reflective (AR) coating, these glasses reduce glare and increases contrast. Quality is key - make sure not to get any cheap or knockoff brands as their AR coating can smudge or flake off easily.

Check out Umizato's latest blue-light blocking computer glasses!

TR-90 and Stainless Steel Frame - Pictor (Blue)

Premium Clear Lens Blue Light Blocking Computer Glasses - Men - UV400+ for Better Sleep - Anti-Glare, Reduce Digital Eye Strain, Anti- Fatigue, Dry Eyes - TR-90 and stainless steel frame (Blue)

Titanium Frame - Kilimanjaro (Black Gold)

Premium Clear Lens Blue Light Blocking Computer Glasses - Men and Women - UV400+ for Better Sleep - Anti-Glare, Reduce Digital Eye Strain, Anti- Fatigue, Dry Eyes - Titanium Frames (Black, Gold)

Final Thoughts…

If you suffer from eye strain you are in good company - the majority of people who work behind computer screens suffer from it at some point. The pain can interfere with your work and leisure, along with making you crabby. While nothing can replace a comprehensive eye exam from an optometrist, following these tips can reduce unnecessary eye strain from computers.

Have you ever tried to find a pair of prescription glasses online, but wasn't sure how to find one that suits your face? It's important to know that different frame shapes can make or break the look on different face shapes. Here's an infographic that shows you how easy it is to know which style of glasses will suit your face!

How to Find the Right Glasses for your Face Shape Infographic


If you have a wider forehead than you do cheekbones then these glasses are certainly a good option for you. They are also ideal if you have high cheekbones or if you have a thin and sharp chin. These glasses will really help you to accent the facial features that you have while also complimenting your facial figure! They will also emphasize your high cheekbones with wider frames and much thinner temples. Celebrities that have this facial shape include Reese Witherspoon and Ryan Gosling.


These glasses are perfect for those who have angular features, or a face that is both even in the length and the width. If you want to compliment this facial shape then why not choose a rounder style. This includes cat-eyed glasses or even oval shaped styles. You can even choose circular frames if you can find one that you like, either way, this is the best choice for you moving forward. David Beckham and Olivia Wild are some celebrities who stand out really well with these glasses styles. 


This selection of glasses are ideal for those who have a round and even face. They are also great for those who have softer facial features. The reason for this is because they help to lengthen the facial features. Glasses for this facial shape help to lengthen your face and they also have narrow and very angular frames as well. Emma Stone and Elijah Wood are great examples of this facial shape.


These glasses are great for those who have a larger forehead. They are also suited to those who have a larger chin and an even width around the center of the face. If you have a facial shape like this then you will be able to choose from almost any shape or style of glasses and you could even choose a textured frame as well. This will help you to really stand out from the crowd and it is also quite a bold choice if you really want to show everyone how adventurous you are. George Clooney and even Jessica Alba are often seen wearing this style.

So as you can see, there are a range of face shapes and everyone is different. Your glasses and frames should compliment the shape of your face for an optimal look. If you have any questions, we are more than happy to help and can’t wait to give you the support you need with your choice of glasses!

Amazing Christmas gifts for glasses wearers | Umizato Sofia Cappuccino and Antalya Topaz

If you need to buy a gift for someone who wears glasses, you’ll find that there are thousands of eyeglass accessories available. The problem is finding the right one and at the right price, and that is why we have compiled this list so that you can find out everything you need to know without hassle!

A Good Microfiber Cloth

light grey microfiber cloth for eyeglasses umizato

Sure, there are plenty of cheap microfiber clothes out there, but did you know that the lower quality ones don’t actually get the job done half the time? They either end up scratching the lens because the cloth itself is somehow trapping dirt or they smear the fingerprint marks or make it impossible to get a clear line of vision. A good microfiber cloth on the other hand will be ready-moistened and it will clean glasses in no time at all.

Personalized Glasses Case

Personalized Leather Glasses Case by Gracie Collins | Notonthehighstreet.com

A personalized glasses case is the best way to store glasses, especially if you know the recipient often loses theirs! When you do buy one of these, you can get a photo added to the design and even the recipients name as well, so this is the ideal gift for that special someone who can’t seem to find their glasses on a day-to-day basis.

Source: Notonthehighstreet.com

Lapel Pin

Blazer with an eyeglasses lapel pin

If you want to buy something cute and fun, why not opt for a glasses shaped lapel pin? This is great if you want to go out and look smart and it also adds a bit of fun and excitement to the outfit as well. You can get these in a range of styles and colors, with plenty of options available.

Source: Uniworth

Dual-Cleaning Microfiber Tools

Prescription glasses with Mini Microfiber Cloth Glasses Cleaning Brush

These tools look a lot like tweezers, but they have a microfiber pad on each side. All you have to do is slot the lens in-between the two pads and before you know it you’ll be able to clean both sides of your glasses in half the time it would take you normally.

Source: Aliexpress

Anti-Slip Sleeves

Transparent Anti-slip glasses clip on end of temples

Anti-slip sleeves are designed to stop glasses from falling down your nose. They are clear or black in color and you clip them onto the back of the frame. The sleeve then keeps your glasses in place, even when you look down to read!

Source: Amazon


Nerdwax Anti-slip Red mark removing tool

This is basically a tube of wax and you apply it to the bridge of the glasses. When you do this, the wax keeps the glasses in place and it also stops them from rubbing your nose over time as well. This is ideal for those who often have a big red mark across their nose after a long day, and it can also be used to try and make certain parts of the glasses much more comfortable as well.

Source: Nerwax

So as you can see, there are so many great gifts on the market if you want to buy for someone who wears glasses!

Although wearing eyeglasses can be fashionable, for many people they are a necessity. Eyeglasses can be frustrating when they fog up, slide down your nose, get scratched, or simply get dirty from daily use. Below are 5 easy glasses hacks that you wish you knew sooner!

Rainy foggy prescription glasses view

Stop Your Glasses Lenses From Fogging Up

One of the unfortunate things about a wearing eyeglasses is that you may experience your glasses lenses fogging up in an abrupt change in climate, especially from cold to warm and humid. This might be a challenging for those with specific job roles. Apply the following:

Use a Dab of Shaving Foam

To polish your glasses lenses, use a little shaving foam. Allow it to dry before clearing off any remaining foam with a microfiber cloth. This will create a clean layer over your glasses lenses which in turn protects you from the changes in weather.

Pick a Simple Bar of Soap

    If you’re searching for the best way to clean your eyeglasses especially at home, bar soap is your answer. This can be done by gently rubbing the glasses lenses and the nose pads with a bar of soap, then simply wipe it off with a clean microfiber cloth.


    Old prescription glasses with scratches

    Repair Scratches On Your Glasses Lenses

    This one is a trick answer actually. In reality, the only way to remove a scratch is to buff the lens, but that could remove existing special coatings and potentially damage them further. Many sites suggest using toothpaste or baking soda, but this is not recommended as they do not truly remove the scratches and can also damage the coatings. Once they are scratched, they will most likely need to be replaced. Find out if your glasses are still under warranty from the place of purchase.

    Use of Warranty

      This varies from one product to another. The best way to solve any potential glasses problems is to make proper inquiries before you make any purchase. This is important to know what to expect from the store regarding the warranty. Choose a store with a great return policy that replaces your scratched glasses lenses. 


      woman prescription glasses slipping down

      Prevent Your Glasses From Slipping down

      Nothing is more annoying than your glasses frame slipping down when in use. There could be different reasons as to why. For instance, your ears being too low and your nose being too small, or your face is too oily. Try any of these tips:

      Hair Ties/Hair Bands

        It is very accessible and tends to work well for all those with lower ears. Hair ties or hair bands create a bit more height which enables glasses to sit at a suitable level on your eyes.

        Keep Your Face Fresh

          Using oil-free moisturizers which regularly keeps your face fresh will prevent your glasses frame from falling down. If you feel like your face is oily sometimes, simply use blotting paper to absorb excess oil so your glasses frame will stick to its right place.


          man wearing prescription glasses holding a microfiber cloth and dish soap

          Clean Your Eyeglasses With Appropriate Tools

          Use Lotion-Free Diluted Dish Soap 

            You can wash your glasses with small quantity of lotion-free diluted dish soap and warm water. Rinse under warm water, then shake the glasses gently to remove water. Dry with a soft, clean cotton cloth. Avoid using cleansers that contain alcohol, vinegar, ammonia, and bleach and do not use a rough sponge or scouring pad as they can destroy the coating on your glasses lenses.

            Use a Microfiber Cloth

              Most people only clean their glasses lenses by brushing off smudges on their shirts. This ends up not properly doing the job of cleaning the glasses lenses. It’s important that you keep your eyeglasses free of bacteria by using a microfiber cloth.


              Tortoise prescription glasses began from Umizato sitting on a flat surface

              Check and Adjust Crooked Glasses Frames

              Glasses frames can begin to sit crookedly on the user's nose after being worn for some time, which can be harmful to the wearer’s vision. This can be rectified by fastening the screws in the hinges that hold the temples to the front of the glasses.

              Fix The Temples on a Flat Surface

                The temples can be deformed, thereby making the glasses frame closer to the user’s face on either side. Furthermore, it causes it to be higher than the other. By slightly bending the temples, you can straighten the glasses. The temples can break in this process, so be sure to proceed gradually while adjusting it.

                Thanksgiving is undoubtedly one of the most popular holidays in the United States, ranking pretty high with Christmas and Halloween. It is that time of the year when people travel from all over the world to be with their loved ones, and for some it is the perfect time to enjoy fantastic cuisines with family and friends. Planning a perfect traditional Thanksgiving meal with healthy options is not as difficult as it seems.

                Healthy eyes are probably the last thing on your mind when prepping for a Thanksgiving meal, but there are actually a multitude of key ingredients that are very essential for eye health, and these can be added to your Thanksgiving menu. As essential as our sense of sight is to us, we should all be thankful for a great pair of healthy eyes. We researched tons of Thanksgiving cuisines and here are a few that promote optimal eye health.


                Thanksgiving Food Pumpkin Pie for Healthy Eyes

                A recent study by the National Institutes of Health revealed that a cup of cooked pumpkin is rich in vitamin A and vitamin C, which lowers the risk of getting cataracts and macular degeneration. Hence, if you are planning on snacking on a slice of pumpkin pie after the sumptuous Thanksgiving meal, go ahead, you will be doing your eyes a favor. Pumpkins are also a good source of beta-carotene, one of the best sources of nutrients for improved eye health.

                Asparagus, Green Beans, Brussels Sprouts & Spinach

                Thanksgiving Food Asparagus Green Beans Brussels Sprouts Spinach

                These group of green veggies are packed full of zeaxanthin and lutein, which belong to the class of super nutrients called carotenoids. They can reduce the risk of cataracts and age-related macular deterioration. Go ahead and take a second serving of that green bean casserole, and you will have absolutely nothing to lose!


                Thanksgiving Food Carrots For Healthy Eyes

                Everyone must have probably heard this one more than once in their lifetime: “Carrots are good for your health,” although mostly as a ruse by your parent to get you to eat more carrots when you were a kid. The truth is that carrots are actually one of the best foods you could eat for optimal eye health. Filled with beta-carotene, carrots protect your cornea from harm and strengthen your overall vision. So, if you still haven’t added carrots to your Thanksgiving menu, you might want to consider adding them for improved eye health.

                Adding healthy food to your Thanksgiving cuisine can be a great way to improve your eye health and also provide essential nutrients for your body. Regardless of what you eat, remember that regular eye examinations are also vital to maintain an optimal eye health.

                Carbon fiber, one of man’s creative inventions, is a fiber which has carbon atoms as its main composition. Since its creation, it has grown to be one of the most used materials for manufacturing processes.

                Every day you are sure to stumble on something that has carbon fiber. Although it is more expensive than acetate, it is preferable due to it's advantageous properties. It is lightweight, has high tensile strength, is exceptionally resistant to chemicals, and has a relatively low thermal expansion.

                Carbon fiber is often used in engineering, automotive, military, and aerospace. It is used to make many things we use in our everyday lives. The form in which a particular carbon fiber will come in depends on the purpose the fiber would serve. Carbon fibers are used to make a wide range of products, including parts of cars and aircrafts, bicycle parts, fishing rods, and a lot more.

                Let's explore 5 excellent products that are made from carbon fiber!

                Carbon Fiber Glasses

                carbon fiber prescription glasses black red full rim nebula | umizato

                Carbon fiber is an exciting new trend for making eyeglasses. Top on our list is the carbon fiber glasses – Nebula in Black Sangria from Umizato's carbon fiber collections. The frames are beautifully crafted from real carbon fiber which makes it both light and strong. These glasses will give anyone an updated and much more sophisticated look if she or he so desires. One of the features of carbon fiber which makes it resistant to the harshest of conditions ensures that these glasses are extremely durable. They are a sure thing for your money and taste.

                Carbon Fiber Mouse

                Carbon Fiber Magic Mouse by H Sterling Corss

                This carbon fiber mouse will be an exciting pick for gamers and everyone else that uses a computer. It is crafted to finish with style and comfort in mind. The mouse is durable and enjoyable to use. It is also responsive to clicks and super fast when swiping.

                Source: The Awesomer

                Carbon Fiber Suitcases

                Black carbon fiber suitcase

                A new range of suitcases come from carbon fiber. By now you will undoubtedly know that this product will be super strong and super fresh. With one of these suitcases, you are sure that your belongings are locked away safely. They give you durability and grace. Carbon fiber suitcases and luggage are lightweight, glossy, and resistant to scratch.

                Carbon Fiber Canoe Paddles

                Carbon Fiber Canoe Paddles

                Imagine a canoe paddle produced from strong, lightweight carbon fiber, and your canoeing experience will be elevated to a whole new level. Now, imagine no more, as there are carbon fiber canoe paddles ready for purchase today! Weighing less than a pound, the paddles are incredibly light and provide a firm grip for the user. With one of these, you can be sure that you will enjoy the optimum performance for the price.

                Carbon Fiber Bike Frames

                Carbon Fiber Bike Frames

                The final product on our list is the carbon fiber bicycle frame. The pedal body is made from chopped fiber and the frames from sheets of carbon fiber. Compared with steel or aluminum, carbon fiber not only makes the lightest bike frames, it also provides riders smoother and more comfortable rides.

                These are just a few of the everyday products that are made from carbon fiber and as the technology progresses, increasingly innovative uses of the material will be discovered.

                Do you know that there are particular glasses styles and frame designs that would nicely compliment your job personality and characteristics? We’ve picked out some job descriptions and the glasses styles that flatter them. Let's explore some perfect glasses styles for the following professions!


                Male doctor wearing black carbon fiber prescription glasses frame

                Physicians are conscientious, caring by nature, and above all, bear a striking intellect that provides comfort to their patients with their knowledge. If you’re a physician, scrubs and a crisp white lab coat is undoubtedly your signature outfit for the day.

                For a style of glasses that is both subtle and modern, but that doesn’t come across as too overpowering or dominating, we believe that you should try out the lightweight carbon-fiber frames. If you wish to experiment with blue frames for an energetic yet appealing frame style, you should try our ultra-lightweight Pictor.

                Recommended Glasses Styles for Physicians:

                Eclipse in Black

                Eclipse Carbon Fiber Full Rim Black Prescription Glasses at Umizato

                Pictor in Blue

                Pictor Blue TR90 Light Full Frame Prescription Glasses at Umizato


                Male lawyer wearing black rectangular prescription glasses frame

                Men and women in black exude a very strong, powerful and dominating personality with a dynamic mind that engages in critical analysis and knowledgeable discourse. Their confident personality is polished with their powerful business suits, sharply tailored black blazers and crisp white shirts. For such powerful and dynamic personalities, glasses styles must also be equally bold and edgy. We recommend you to amplify your debonair with solid black frames, and also delicate narrow frames that cast a powerful charisma.

                Recommended Glasses Styles for Lawyers:

                Zephyr in Black

                Zephyr Black Prescription Glasses at Umizato

                Kilimanjaro in Black Gold

                Kilimanjaro Black Gold Prescription Glasses at Umizato

                Waiters & ​Waitresses

                Female waitress wearing brown broad over-sized prescription glasses frame

                Being an essential element of the hospitality business, your personality shines with flexible characteristics and your social demeanor always engages others with your ever-ready smile. You always take the initiative to make your guests more comfortable, and give your best to each table. Your signature outfit needs to be paired up with attractive and appealing glasses styles that help you garner attention. We recommend you to experiment with over-sized frames or better yet, the broad glamorous cat-eye frames.

                Recommended Glasses Styles for Waiters and Waitresses:

                Brighton in ChestnutBrighton Chestnut Square Plastic Prescription Glasses at Umizato

                Antalya in TopazAntalya Topaz Transparent Prescription Glasses at Umizato

                Graphic​ ​Designers & Photographers

                Female and male designers wearing round prescription glasses frames

                Graphic designers and photographers are always glued to their computer screens, flaunting contemporary casual outfits that allow them to channel their artistic personalities sans restraint. They are brimming with creativity, and their funny side always delights other people who come in contact with them.

                Such artsy and creative personalities must never be understated with boring glasses styles. We recommend you to experiment with bold frames and rounded enough to emphasize your eyes. You can also experiment with computer glasses for extra safety.

                Recommended Glasses Styles for Graphic Designers and Photographers:

                Manila in Tortoise Mint

                Manila Tortoise Mint Round Full Rim Prescription Glasses at Umizato

                Osaka in Tortoise

                Osaka Tortoise Prescription Glasses at Umizato


                male engineer wearing rimless rectangular prescription glasses frame

                Critical thinkers like engineers have strong and investigative personalities and their powerful work ethics are reflected with their dynamic nature. You surely need an equally dominating glasses style to complement your enterprising and intelligent traits. We recommend you to flaunt titanium eyeglass frames, or half-rim rectangular frames that emphasize your facial features and attract attention.

                Recommended Glasses Styles for Engineers:

                Fuji in Black Silver

                Fuji Titanium Black Silver Half-Rim Prescription Glasses at Umizato

                Cebu in Jet

                Cebu Jet Black Half-Rim Prescription Glasses at Umizato

                Flight​ ​Attendants

                Flight attendant wearing black cat-eyed sunglasses frame

                Flight attendants are gracious caregivers that reflect a gentle demeanor and a polite way of conversing. Their social personality shines bright with the beauty of a considerate and accommodating individual. The friendly attendant is usually seen flaunting skirts, blazers, and scarfs. The attendant's outfit works best with warm-hued frames, transparent frames or dominating cat-eye frames that will highlight your femininity.

                Recommended Glasses Styles for Flight Attendants:

                Sofia in Cappuccino

                Sofia Cappuccino Prescription Glasses at Umizato

                Charlotte in Black Red

                Charlotte Black Red Prescription Glasses at Umizato

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