Trivex Eyeglass Lenses: The Benefits Through the Eyes of Jon Snow

July 24, 2017

Trivex Eyeglass Lenses The Benefits Through the Eyes of Jon Snow

For those of you who are pondering whether Jon Snow or, now with the new interpretation of the prophecy, Daenerys is THE Azor Ahai... We at Umizato provide you with a fun respite from these ruminations with our own What If? What if Jon Snow had a magical pair of glasses made with a material even more valuable than dragonglass?? Yes! Glasses with lenses made from Phoenix material. Phoenix... Dragon... can't you see the connection?? No? Well read on dubious friend and see the wonders of Phoenix lenses (AKA Trivex) in our infographic below:

Trivex Eyeglass Lenses The Benefits Jon Snow Infographic

Key Benefits of Trivex Eyeglass Lenses

High Optical Quality

Trivex has a high Abbe value of 43 (better than the average among eyeglass lens materials), making it optically superior. This causes less chromatic aberration than those with low Abbe values, allowing users to have crisp and clear vision when using these lenses.

Safest on the Market

Trivex lenses are one of the safest on the market. They are one of the most impact-resistant eyeglass lens materials available, often used for sports glasses, safety glasses, and other protective eyewear.  It's high tensile strength makes it a great choice for rimless frames. Trivex lenses also provide 100 percent UV protection from the sun.

Ultra Light and Comfortable

Trivex material has the lightest specific gravity (density per unit volume) of those used in lens materials today, making it ultra light and comfortable to wear. The light weight reduces the chance of having the eyewear slide off the nose.




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