How Blue Light Filter Glasses Will Help You Get the Best Sleep of Your Life

February 06, 2019

How Blue Light Filtering Computer Gaming Glasses Will Help You Sleep Better at Night

Sleep is the cornerstone of a healthy, productive system. Studies show that poor sleep has been linked to diabetes, cardiovascular disease and a whole host of health issues. Those who get full, sound nights of sleep report stronger cognitive ability, a more positive mood, better athletic performance and a greater overall sense of happiness. However, many think that a good night’s sleep is dependent on the number of hours one is asleep for. However, Studies now show that when it comes to sleep, quality is just as important as quantity.

We live in a time when screen usage is at an unbelievable high. We are just now starting to see what effects all this time spent in front of our computers and portable devices is having on our health. These screens emit a very potent entity known as blue light. Exposure to that blue light, especially late at night, has been shown to affect our sleep adversely.

There is, however, an unbelievable workaround to this blue light issue; blue light filter glasses. These handy, stylish blue light filtering glasses will allow you to work those late hours, or binge watch your favorite show before crashing into bed and still get the absolute best sleep of your life.


What is blue light?

Before we explore how blue light filter glasses can ensure that we get the most wonderful sleep of our life, it’s important to understand what blue light really is. Across the light spectrum, there are many different types of light waves- each of which comes with a different set of properties. Blue light is one of those types and it is categorized by its short, condensed and therefore extremely potent wavelength.

It is important to note; blue light is not necessarily a bad thing. We need blue light to survive. The sun itself is filled with an unbelievable amount of blue light. When we wake up in the morning, it is that natural blue light that wakes up our endorphins, telling our brain to release serotonin and priming us for our work day. When the sun goes down, the lack of blue light also sends a signal to our brain, letting us know that it is time for sleep. It is the balance between exposure to blue light and reduction of blue light that leads to a well-maintained sleep system.

Man Reading A Book With Blue Light Blocking Computer Gaming Glasses Before Going To Sleep


When is blue light harmful?

The sun is not the only entity that creates blue light. Our computer, phone, and tablet screens also produce their own, though less intense, form of artificial blue light. Though the wavelength is shorter and less powerful, we sit far closer to our devices than we do the sun. What’s more, the sun sets at the end of the day- but our modern world encourages us to keep our devices going well into the evening and nighttime hours. Therefore, this change in technology and societal habits has introduced a great deal of artificial blue light into those critical hours where our brain is preparing itself for sleep. This has shown to lead to a significant reduction in sleep quality.


How does blue light actually affect our sleep?

When the body is working at full strength, it has an amazing way of regulating our energy and our sleep rhythms. If you've ever had the experience of waking up at the same time every day, that’s because your system is finely tuned, oiled up and is working just like it should. This is what we call our “body clock.”

The most important function of this body clock is to regulate our circadian rhythm, a 24-hour biological system that tells us exactly when to go to sleep and exactly when to wake up. What’s more, when this cycle is working correctly; our body will experience higher levels of rest and recovery during those sleeping hours than a person with a less regulated system would.

What leads to this imbalance in the circadian system is prolonged exposure to blue light in the evening and nighttime hours. This exposure leads to a depression in melatonin secretion, which then in turn negatively affects our sleeping schedule.


How will blue light filter glasses ensure you get the best sleep of your life?

While many will advocate the complete elimination of artificial blue light emitting screens to combat this depreciation of the circadian system, we have a far better way to ensure that you get the best sleep of your light. Blue light blocking glasses are a simple, elegant and stylish way to ensure that you can still use screens and devices at night without experiencing the hazardous after effects on your sleep.

Blue light filter glasses can actually block out blue light before its rays hit your eye. These lenses filter out 90% of the strongest wavelengths and 30% of its weaker forms. This will ensure that the body is still primed to create melatonin at the correct time while allowing you to watch your favorite TV show or finish that last blog post for your side hustle before turning in to bed.

Blue light filter glasses also come with a whole host of additional perks aside from blocking out damaging artificial blue light. Higher end glasses, like those engineered by Umizato, also come equipped with anti-scratch and anti-glare coatings. This dramatically reduces color distortion while also providing its wearer with strong UV protection.

If you are looking to make great strides in your sleep and health, you don’t necessarily need to eliminate the screens before bed. By integrating blue light filtering glasses into your wardrobe, you can ensure that every night results in the absolute best sleep of your life.

Woman In Pajamas Wearing Umizato Hudson Blue Light Blocking Computer Gaming Glasses Before Sleeping


Do blue light filter glasses work?

They absolutely do! And this fact is being reinforced more and more by a new wave of scientific findings. A recent study published in Chronobiology International tested the effects of blue light exposure on our sleep patterns. Experts asked 20 adults to wear blue light filtering glasses for a 3 hour period proceeding their normal bedtimes and then gathered and synthesized their reported results. A majority of the participants experienced a significant improvement in sleep quality and many reported a sizable and positive change in their moods over the course of the study.



Let’s face it; we live in a world where banishing screens before bed is no longer plausible. For many, work falls into strange, off-hour pockets of time and what’s more, people all over the world are looking to increase their quality of life by integrating side hustles into their day-to-day workload. Often, the only time many have to work on those projects is at night. And for many, after a long day, nothing feels better than binging through some awesome television streaming programming. We shouldn’t have to feel guilty about this, and our sleep most certainly shouldn’t have to suffer.

Blue light filtering glasses are the key to ensuring that you can live life the way you want without reducing the quality of your health’s greatest building block. If you’re ready to start getting the best sleep of your life every night, head on over to Umizato and check out there whole selection of unbelievable blue light filtering glasses.

Sleep well!

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