Why You Should Wear Glasses To Your Valentine's Day Date 💓

February 02, 2019

Men and Women Wearing Umizato Blue Light Blocking Computer Gaming Glasses

Love is in the air, and every guy has a checklist of what to bring for the perfect Valentine’s Day date: chocolates, flowers, and probably that snazzy button up shirt he look so good in! You might be looking in the mirror, trying to brush your hair just right, making sure your beard is well trimmed, and spraying just a dab of cologne - what you might not be thinking of is glasses. In the past, it was a common stereotype for guys who wear glasses to be perceived as geeky, nerdy, or weak. But nowadays, a pair of glasses can be a strong fashion accessory to complete your Valentine's Day look and woo your date. In fact, there are some strong reasons for why you should wear a pair of glasses on Valentine’s Day!

Reason #1 Most women find men in glasses attractive

It’s not unusual for men wearing glasses to be seen as the strong executive type, or even as powerful and mysterious. There have been multiple studies done showing that people who wear glasses are considered more honest and trustworthy - two great traits to show off to your date! A poll at EyeCandy Optical showed that nearly half of women would be thrilled if a guy was sporting a trendy pair of glasses when showing up to a blind date. Indeed, when combined with the right face and clothes, a pair of spectacles can accentuate your best dimensions.

Reason #2 Wearing glasses makes you look smarter

It’s said that the clothes make the man, but why not the glasses too?  People who wear eyeglasses are often seen as more educated, studious, and intelligent. Psychologists believe that some of this may be true - anyone sporting some specs are less likely to act rashly, as they wouldn’t want to break their glasses. A study by The College of Optometrists showed that over a third people thought those that wore glasses as more professional - with other studies confirming that wearing glasses to an interview increases your chance to get hired on the spot. Women love men that are thoughtful, calm, and collected - a trifecta of characteristics that glasses wearers are often perceived as.

Man Wearing Umizato Blue Light Blocking Glasses Valentine's Day Date Outfit Ideas

Reason #3 Glasses are stylish and great accessory

Approximately 61% of Americans wear glasses - some of those people don’t even need them, but just wanted to be cool! Because of this, there have been an explosion of different eyeglasses styles, all of which can show off your individuality this Valentine’s Day. With big frames you can exude confidence, while plastic frames are considered more fun loving. Dark tinted glasses can make you look mysterious, while other tinges mean you are laid back. 

Reason #4 You become more approachable

Because of the many benefits of wearing spectacles, you’ll be perceived as much more approachable. If this Valentine’s Day is a first date for you, wearing a pair of glasses can put your date at ease. Make sure you get the right pair for your face - what works for a heavily angular face might not work for a rounded one. Not only will you get a great first impression, but glasses can be real useful to flirt with. Try taking off or messing with your glasses when on your date - it’s little things like this that can drive her crazy!

Man Playing Drums Wearing Umizato Blue Light Blocking Computer Glasses For Valentine's Day Date

Final Thoughts…

Glasses have been around since the end of the 13th century, but it’s only been in the recent decades that their attribute as a fashion accessory has come to the forefront. Glasses not only make you look more attractive, but have been proven to make you look smarter and more approachable. Even Hollywood stars like Idris Elba and Matthew McConaughey have been spotted rocking a pair of stylish spectacles. Hopefully your Valentine’s Day is a wonderful one, and make it even better with a pair of fashionable, and functional, blue light blocking computer glasses!

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