4 Definitive Signs You Need New Prescription Glasses

October 19, 2017 4 Comments

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When you have a million things to juggle in life, you might not notice when your eyeglasses are ready to be updated. Your vision changes over time and your glasses also suffer from wear and tear. Here are some clues that indicate it's time to order new prescription glasses.


Blurred Vision Blurred Vision

blurry vision

Once you have blurry vision in one or both eyes with your old prescription glasses, it is time to visit the optometrist for an eye exam. The following symptoms should not be neglected and can often mean it is time to replace your eyeglasses.

► Sudden or Occasional Loss of Focus

  • Your old prescription may not be adequate anymore as your eyes age and vision changes.

► Double Vision

  • When you see two images of a single object, it is time to get your eyes checked.

► Loss of Clarity

  • You are unable to see distant or close objects precisely.

Uncomfortable Physical Signs? Uncomfortable Physical Signs

man suffering eye strain from prescription glasses

If you have been wearing the same prescription glasses for a long period of time, you may start to notice some physical changes that would raise a red flag. The following symptoms could suggest that it is time to update your prescription: 

► Squinting

  • You are having a hard time trying to focus and lack clarity

► Eye Strain

  • Your eyes feel fatigued most of the time and they feel much better without your glasses. This is a clear indication that your vision has changed.

► Constant Headaches

  • It is an early indication that your vision has changed and that your prescription needs to be updated.

Frames/Lenses Your Glasses Are Falling Apart

fixing broken black prescription glasses


If your frames or lenses are damaged in any way, it is time to get new eyeglasses. Your prescription glasses should be sitting on your face comfortably and you should see through the lenses without distractions.

► Damage to the Frames

  • Missing temples and nose pads
  • Frame starts falling down your nose

► Coatings of Lenses Breaking Down

  • Scratches which impair or distract your vision
  • Smudges or stains that cannot be removed by proper cleaning
  • Too much glare through the lenses

Outdated Glass Outdated and Out of Fashion

old woman on computer with her outdated and out-of-fashion prescription glasses

Modern day manufacturing techniques offers us additional material choices which are both fashionable and affordable. Replacing an old pair of prescription glasses may not only improve optical quality, but allow you to stay trendy. 


► Alternative Frame Shapes

  • Find the right shape of glasses to fit your face
  • Purchasing multiple styles can allow you to match different wardrobe outfits, moods and settings

New Materials and Coatings Available for Eyeglass Lenses

  • UV protection
  • Glare reduction / Anti-glare
  • Anti-scratch
  • Hydrophobic coating (Resists water and other fluids to help keep your lenses clean)
  • Oleophobic coating (Resists smudges and fingerprints)

Overall, replacing your old pair of prescription glasses can provide improved vision, better lenses, and upgrade your overall look. It is time to refresh your eyewear experience!

4 Responses

Thomas Poole
Thomas Poole

March 13, 2019

This is the perfect blog for anyone who wants to know about the glasses. Thank you shearing.

Alice Kitt
Alice Kitt

January 17, 2019

Nice Blog. I totally agree with your whole points that you have shared in this blog. Thanks for sharing such an useful tips for us. Keep up to the great job

Sharon Wilson-Smith
Sharon Wilson-Smith

September 25, 2018

You got my attention when you said that you must consider changing your prescription glasses if you’re experiencing headaches. My husband said that the eyeglasses that he has been using are not effective for him anymore because he has been suffering from a migraine if he’s using them while working. I will make sure to find an optometrist that can accurately check the changes with his vision. Thanks! http://www.drjoelzuckerbraun.com/

Ellen H.
Ellen H.

July 17, 2018

You got my attention when you said that you should consider having new prescription glasses if you’re experiencing constant headaches. My husband told me that he might be needing new eyeglasses because his headaches are becoming frequent and worse when he’s working. I actually feel the same, so we’ll make sure to consider seeing a professional so we can get new glasses. https://www.morriseyecare.com/

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