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Why Are Computer Blue Light Glasses So Popular Today?

Spending long hours in front of digital screens has become a prominent issue nowadays.

computer blue light glasses blue light

What is Blue Light?

Blue light has the shortest wavelength of the visible light spectrum. Blue rays with the shortest wavelengths have the most energy.

computer blue light glasses blue light effects

What Does Too Much Blue Light Do?

Blue light has a stimulant-like effect which can make it harder for you to fall asleep.

Does Blue Light Cause Vision Problems?

Too much exposure to blue light can cause digital eye strain.

computer blue light glasses blue light effects

How Do Blue Light Glasses Help You?

Wearing computer blue light glasses is one of the easiest ways to address digital eye strain and to feel more comfortable behind digital screens.

How to Shop for Blue Light Glasses

Consider the size of the frame, the color of your eyes, and the shape of your face when buying blue light glasses.

Quiz: Do You Need Blue Light Glasses?