Choosing Eyeglasses to Fit Your Face: A Buyer’s Guide

January 18, 2019

Umizato Blue LIght Blocking Computer Glasses Fit Guide

 Some people buying blue light blocking glasses online will never have had that experience of being an awkward teen trying to find any frames that fit your face at the eye doctor. Even those who lived through that experience of selecting prescription eyeglasses (myself included) are anxious to forget that memory and skip right to picking out the perfect pair with ease.

 But buying glasses online requires advanced knowledge of your own features and what glasses would look best. Nobody wants to open up their recently delivered box and discover that what looked so good on the model does not match up in reality for your face.

Even when you’re choosing glasses to wear in front of your computer to minimize eye strain, there’s no reason to skip out on the fashion element. Glasses can help cut down on the damage properties of blue light while also bringing out the best in all your features. In addition to giving you a comfortable wear and the broadest range of vision, your glasses are an element in your overall style, too!

When it comes time to choose eyeglass frames, approach the process with confidence.

Umizato Charlotte/Sofia Computer Glasses

Face Shape

Our previous blog about choosing the right glasses for your face shape breaks it down for you in terms of how to determine your face shape and what that means for your frame selection.

 To recap:

  • Oval face shapes do best with walnut-shaped frames that are wider than the broadest part of your face.
  • Frame shapes that are wider at the bottom are a top choice for heart-shaped faces.
  • Anyone with a square face will look sharp with narrow frame styles and frames with more width than depth.
  • Diamond faces are perfect for those semi-rimless frames or cat-eye styles
  • Frames with more depth than they have width are outstanding if you’ve got an oblong face shape.

 When it comes to your face shape and glasses frames, a good rule of thumb is to look for frame shapes that contrast the shape of your face. If you have angular features, soft and curved shapes are your ideal styles. Anyone with rounder features can narrow the hunt with angular glasses.

Umizato Glasses Fit Guide - Heart

Umizato Glasses Fit Guide - Square

Umizato Glasses Fit Guide - Round

Umizato Glasses Fit Guide - Oval

Eye Color

If you want to call attention to your eyes, the right frames can amplify your eye shape and color. Understanding color theory can help you pick frames that are complementary to your eye color. For example, orange sits across from blue on the color wheel, meaning that frames in that general color story do a great job of highlighting baby blues.

Follow these tips to highlight your eye color:

  • Blue eyes pop behind blue frames, but light gold and coral frames can also do the trick.
  • Green eyes look great behind emerald, opal, gold, brown, and purple.
  • Gray eyes sparkle with silvery-blue tinted frames.
  • Hazel eyes can highlight gold flecks using tints like gray, dusty pink, or green.
  • Brown eyes can benefit from brown and black frames, and a more adventurous glasses-buyer will venture into gold, olive, and lavender.

Skin Tone

With so many skin tones out there, it’s nice to know that it all breaks down into whether you’re a “cool” or a “warm” to select stunning spectacles. You’ll know you’ve got a warm complexion if you have a yellow cast or a peach-colored look to your skin. Cool complexions come with pink or blue undertones, and olive skin is a mixture of the blues and yellows.

Frame colors are important for complementing your skin tone. If you’re a warm, gold, peach, bright red, warm blue, off-white, orange, copper, and khaki make a statement. If your face has cool tones, your top choices are dark purple, tortoise with amber hues, pink, blue, jade, black, and silver.

 Hair Color

Glasses help to pull together a total look, so you can’t forget about how your locks factor in. Balancing your skin tone, face shape, eye color and hair color will help you achieve a memorable and fashionable look.

 Check out these recommendations based on your hair’s hue:

  • White and gray hair can run the spectrum from cool to warm tones, but all shades will look great with vibrant jewel colors like purple or red. Black, gray, and white frames are neutral for these hair colors, but it’s best to avoid brown or beige frames that might dull your best features.
  • Red hair looks amazing with green or tortoiseshell colored frames. A dark red-haired person tends to be of cooler tone, whereas more carrot-colored strands are warm. Colder reds look good with black and blue, but warmer reds turn heads with golds and greens.
  • Honey or warm blonds, like dirty blond or golden blond, will rock it with brown and pink.
  • Cool blonds with hints of ash, platinum, or strawberry are flattered by blue, purple, and black.
  • A warm brown, or someone with red or gold undertones, look nice in golds, reds, and greens.
  • A cool brown, or a person with ashy undertones, can look best in blue, pink, or black blue light blocking frames.
  • Black hair makes a bold statement with many frame colors, including blues, blacks, greens, and browns.

Umizato Perth Computer Glasses

 Don’t Forget Your Eyebrows!

Don’t let those brows disappear behind the wrong frames- this can lead to people looking at you as though something is missing. Eyebrows are the frame of your entire face, so make sure they get a marquee spot right above your chosen eyeglass frames.

 The best choice for brow owners of all types is to choose a frame that mimics your brow’s natural shape. A straighter brow should opt for a flatter lens top design whereas those with arched brows do well choosing a lens top design with an arch in it.

You’ll get compliments galore and reap all the blue-light blocking benefit when you buy the right pair of eyeglasses for your features.

Buying Glasses Online

Keep the tips listed above in mind and create a checklist of which colors and frame styles will look best on you. With many options to choose from, you’re bound to find something that works for you in our online store of blue light blocking glasses.

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