Video: Start the New Year Right and Get Better Sleep

January 29, 2019

Video: Start the New Year Right and Get Better Sleep

by Yolanda Suyemoto

Why This Video Was So Important

I often get people asking me why Umizato's blue light blocking glasses are so important to your every day life. When I would try to explain that "exposure to natural blue light during the daytime is important, but exposure to artificial blue-light a few hours before sleeping can suppress melatonin levels which then causes lower quality of sleep", I could see the "ah-ha" light go on.

I knew this was a fairly new concept for the modern age, so I wanted to create a fun video to convey this knowledge about how Umizato blue light blocking glasses can help people get better sleep.

On average, individuals spend 6-8.5 hours a day looking at televisions, computers, tablets and smartphones, all of which expose us to varying amounts of artificial blue light throughout the day. There are many health risks associated with artificial blue light. Long-term exposure to blue light can affect overall health problems including damage to the retina. Umizato’s blue light blocking glasses are engineered and designed to improve sleep quality, reduce fatigue, and allow you to be more productive.

And here we have it, ready for you to watch!


Behind the Scenes

This video wouldn't have been possible without our amazing team, which we're so thankful to have:

Director / Editor: Tiffany Frances
Director: Ian Kammer
Talent: Justin Blackburn
Talent: Brittany Rendak
Producer: Yolanda Huang
Special thanks to Gary Suyemoto, Shannon Suyemoto, Vanessa Burris, and Austin Teng.

From storyboard to post production, I had an amazing time making this video come to life with the help of this talented team. Here are several behind the scenes photos on set:


 umizato video shoot behind the scenes group

So proud of our team working together to put this education video in motion.


umizato video shoot behind the scenes sleep

 Do not take sleep deprivation lightly.


umizato video shoot behind the scenes kitchen

Brittany's about to put on Umizato blue light filtering glasses to view the recipe on the iPad. 


umizato video shoot behind the scenes gaming

The Brighton computer glasses are perfect for the office and a little gaming fun at home. 


umizato video shoot behind the scenes justin

Taking a 10 second break between takes. Justin is wearing the Everest titanium dark brown orange blue light blocking glasses, and Brittany is wearing the ultra light weight Pictor computer glasses in black grey.


umizato video shoot behind the scenes shannon

No job is too small. Shannon is making sure we get the proper natural lighting for the scene. 


umizato video shoot behind the scenes couch

 Director's Tiffany and Ian putting on multiple hats for the shoot.

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