Top 25 Gifts for PC Gamers 2019

March 27, 2019

Top 25 Gifts for PC Gamers 2019

Whether it’s a special occasion or just a nice surprise, there are thousands of possible gifts for PC gamers. We’ve scoured the 2019 selection for a list that will give any gamer a good time.

On our list of the “Top 25 Gifts for PC Gamers,” you won’t find Doritos or a Monster Energy Drink. What you’ll find are the most sought-after and genuinely useful things for a gamer who takes their key-mashing skills to the next level.


1. Atlantic Gaming Desk 

Great for showcasing all the greatest gaming tech, this desk takes a minimal but super-functional approach to desks. It’s the ideal companion to the keyboards, monitors, and fans on this list.

Gaming Desk PC Gamers Umizato Gifts

2. Homall Gaming Chair

This racing-style gaming chair is as comfortable as it looks fast. Hours of seated pointing and clicking are a breeze.

Umizato Gaming Chair for PC gamers


3. HyperX Cloud II Gaming Headset 

From the innovative HyperX, gamers relish a chance to chat over this premium headset with a comfortable fit.

Umizato gamer gaming pc headset earphones for games


4. Hudson Blue Light Filtering Glasses

A classic blend of luxury and charm, the Hudson by Umizato can be worn in lightweight comfort for hours of gaming pleasure. Easy on the eyes, they block harmful blue rays from even the brightest gaming monitor.

Umizato Hudson computer glasses


5. SteelSeries Gaming Keyboard 

You can never go wrong with a luxurious keyboard to keep the gamer in your life clicking and clacking with LED ecstasy.

gaming keyboard pc game gamers led lights


6. BioLiteSunLight

Frankly, some gamers struggle to brighten their days with a little sun, so bring it to the game room.

gamer games PC gifts umizato

7. iFixit Pro Tech Toolkit

More tools than the average joe knows what to do with, this toolkit will have the gamer in your life geeking out and customizing their tech.

tool kit cool gadgets tech toys umizato pc gamers


8. Manila Blue Light Filtering Glasses

These handcrafted and strong acetate frames are a great choice for the feminine gamer. Perfect for a streaming a couple rounds of Fortnite, they feature an eye-catching and vintage effect through a keyhole bridge.

Umizato Manila Computer Glasses

9. NETGEAR Nighthawk S8000

The Nighthawk is a vision for streaming and playing media without a glitch as far as the eye can see. With a router built for playing games that have the highest demand for speed, the Nighthawk doesn’t disappoint.

gifts for pc gamers

10. Steam Gift Card

We know. You may be overwhelmed by all the cool stuff on this list, so we thought we’d throw you an easy one that’s guaranteed to please.

steam gift cards for gamers umizato

11. Valis Brain Boost by eSportLabs

Gaming is a time when concentration and energy make all the difference. This is the #1 supplement for gamer’s for good reason.

12. BRINCH Backpack for 18-18.4 Inch Laptop 

There are times when the fun and games must be on the go. When travel calls, this bag has room for all the necessary accessories.

backpack for gamers


13. Brighton Blue Light Filtering Glasses

These are a real level up! The Brighton frame by Umizato elevates style in a strikingly square façade. With this classic look, blue rays and eye strain simply don’t stand a chance.

brighton umizato computer gaming glasses

14. SOLLED Bias Lighting

Custom and cool. These strips of hyper-bright LED are just beautiful for backlighting. Take their gaming atmosphere to the next level!

led lights for computers gamers

15. MSI GT75 TITAN Gaming Notebook

For a gamer who plays only as fast and precise as their machine, no gift guide for the gamer is complete without a very special gaming laptop. MSI is a leader in notebooks that know their way around load times and long levels.

laptop for gamers gaming

16. ASUS ROG Swift PG27UQ Gaming Monitor with Eye Care

Quite the way to display killer graphics at an unbeatable frame rate, this gaming monitor is your gamer’s next love affair.

monitor for gamers tech


17. Razer DeathAdder Elite Mechanical Mouse 

A stealthy, game-ready mouse for gliding and careening in style through different worlds and dimensions. Razer is recognized for their gamer-friendly designs, and this mouse is a stellar example.

mouse for pc gamers

18. Fuji Blue Light Filtering Glasses

The Fuji frame is all about the future. A button-mash sesh is right at home in this futuristic titanium design. Sophisticated, with an eye toward a technological future, these glasses block blue light but remain lightweight.

umizato fuji gaming pc computer glasses

19. SteelSeries Gaming Surface

Functional and unassuming, the gaming surface by SteelSeries takes mousepad and upgrades it into a platform for precision play.

gifts for gamers umizato

20. ARCTIC Mini USB Fan

It’s cool to be comfortable. Any gamer would delight in a day spent enjoying a fresh breeze while finding their favorite Easter eggs.

mini fan perfect gift for gamers

21. Hue white & color ambiance starter kit

This starter kit is a way to improve and impress. It’s a gamer’s gateway into gaming in an environment that screams futurism with voice control.

lights gifts for gamers

22. Pictor Blue Light Filtering Glasses

Perhaps the lightest and finest frame on our list, the Pictor has a modern shape without sacrificing classic comfort. The frame is made entirely from the innovative TR-90 memory material. Protect your eyes, and wear them all night long!

Umizato Pictor Blue Glasses

23. My Passport Ultra

What can’t you do with 4 terabytes of memory that fits in your pocket! Give the gift of lossless saves.

perfect gift for pc gamers umizato computer

24. Fitbit Versa

Turn life into a game and see how many steps you can do with the Fitbit Versa, a watch designed to make fitness fun.

perfect gift tech for gamers PC games

 25. Sonos Beam

Finally, a speaker that can turn an moment at the monitor into a sensory experience that pops with crispness.

perfect gift for techies geeks gamers computers umizato

With these gifts for PC gamers, they’ll never leave their super-charged monitor or silent LED keyboard. But, with a pair of one of the blue light blocking lenses and frames, their eyes will be safe from digital eye strain. So, they won’t have to.

Is there something that we missed? Sound off in the comments below. Tell us what you’re looking for as gifts for PC gamers, and let us know if one of these gifts gives your gamer a YouTube-worthy reaction!


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