The Difference Between Computer Glasses and Gaming Glasses

June 10, 2019

Umizato Gunnar What Is The Difference Between Computer Glasses and Gaming Glasses

The Difference Between Computer Glasses and Gaming Glasses

Today, it's almost impossible to find someone who doesn't stare into a computer or TV screen during their day. Hours spent staring into blue light screens is also poised to affect more and more people at younger and younger ages. Now, office workers and hardcore gamers alike may be doing so for many hours at a time. But, how do you compare their solutions? What is the difference between computer glasses vs. gaming glasses?

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The truth is functionally the lens for both computer and gaming glasses do the same thing. However, there are some differences in how they are designed. Find out what the differences are and how to select them based on your needs.

The first similarity is that both gamers and computer users need glasses to block blue light. Modern day screens have been optimized with LED technology, which creates a harsh blue spectrum light. This is different than the fluorescent lighting effect you might know about. The LED technology results in the best color and rendering of images but has the unfortunate drawback of being highly disruptive to your eyes and sleep habits.

Whether you are staring at a television or computer screen this type of light wave is so closely related to those that radiate off the sun that it tricks your body into thinking it's daylight. The rays of the sun and their signals to our bodies affect many health functions and processes.

Your mind and body is affected by what your eyes perceive in the environment. This blue light can cause havoc on your eyes, mind, and body causing everything from muscle strain to your body producing less of the necessary hormones to help you sleep.

In addition to affecting your circadian rhythm, there is even  evidence to suggest that anti blue light eyewear can slow the impact of these harmful rays on macular degeneration.

umizato blue light blocking computer glasses that filter blue light

Computer Glasses Vs. Gaming Glasses

Both computer and gaming glasses have been made to fight these harmful effects. The comparison of computer glasses vs gaming glasses means we must measure how well each design is at protecting you from blue light disruption.

Both have the same mechanism of action: It's all in the lens. It doesn't even need to be a tinted lens. Advanced technology in the lens itself blocks wavelengths. The lens technology is so advanced that the lens can have minimal tent and still block sufficient blue light in both computer and gaming glasses.

These lenses are tinted in a way to block out the upper spectrum of blue light that is coming off your devices. Whether you are at work on a laptop or in the heat of an advanced gaming session on a digital screen, the lenses can have a color-neutral lens tint. Some tints, like Amber-Yellow enhance contrast and are perfect for some games if you don’t mind the color distortion. But, tinted or not, with the upper spectrum blocked on electronic devices or digital devices, the disruption of perceived sunlight is combated.

Lenses block these deceptive wavelengths for both video gaming and computer usage. By blocking it you are letting your body's normal hormonal rhythm take place, which is especially important for getting a good night's sleep. Besides reducing digital eye strain, you are allowing your body to take its natural cues only from the sun rather than deceptive screens.

Gunnar Optiks yellow tinted amber tinited computer gaming glasses

How They Differ

A natural question arises: What is the difference between computer and gaming glasses then? To answer, we will explore the material, functional, and design differences for each kind of protective eyewear.

At first glance, this seems like a negligible comparison since their lenses are so similar. While it is true that their lenses are the same, they are both designed in different ways.

Computer glasses are made with the working professional in mind, so they are often in modern styles that are contemporary and unobtrusive. The professional can make a personal statement with functional eyewear that protects them from blue light disruption. They can block unwanted symptoms of eye strain with the bonus of a stylish appearance.

There is some overlap in design since both gamers and heavy computer users overlap as a category. While there are some similarities in style, gaming glasses are typically a bit larger and hug the sides of the user's head more closely. They often feature a lightweight frame for extended use and a silicone nose for comfort. Flat temples are also popular since gaming glasses are often worn with a headset.

Again, the comparison of computer glasses vs gaming glasses feels slight. But, these differences aren't just aesthetic, as gaming glasses are made with the use of headsets in mind.

Some gaming glasses make considerations specific to gaming in addition to headset usage such as the risk of having dry eyes. The wrap-around frame design of gaming models is streamlined to avoid dry eyes.

In addition, while neither gaming glasses nor computer glasses will make you worse off when it comes to blue light screens, some brands like Gunnar Optiks opt for certain other aesthetic and functional choices: a yellow tint or amber tint. Computer glasses have a clear lens alternative that doesn't tint everything like a yellow or amber lens, making them ideal for those doing color sensitive work or who simply don't want a yellow tint in an office setting.

umizato blue pictor computer glasses lightest blue light blocking computer glasses

What to Look Out For

Computer glasses and gaming glasses work functionally the same, computer models can be used for gaming and vice-versa. For gamers and computer users, there is a technological aesthetic that makes both items highly comparable.

Not all glasses are created equal though, as it's a matter of finding a pair that is both comfortable and blocks blue light effectively. Each person will want to determine a frame that fits with their aesthetic and efficiently disrupts blue light's impersonation of the sun.

You should expect to pay a little bit more for a good pair--nothing that should break the bank, but if it sounds too good to be true it probably is. As legitimate, but often non-prescription glasses, you can expect to pay higher prices for gaming and computer glasses made with quality.

There are a few simple considerations to make when comparing getting computer vs gaming glasses. Whichever pair you are looking at, make sure it has an anti-reflective (AR) coating and the correct blue light blocking functionality.

While many gaming and computer glasses still do not come with prescription lenses, magnification is sometimes available for those that need it. Anti-reflective and anti-glare coatings are also often available to avoid blurred vision like most prescription lenses, but don't let it replace a prescription from a certified eye doctor.

The investment might mean that you expect the style and function of the glasses to perform longer. If you want your computer or gaming glasses to last a long time, you will also want to make sure your frames are made of the same type of material prescription glasses are made out of.

The materials to look for are acetate, TR-90 memory material, titanium, stainless steel, etc. These are the same materials used in high-end eyewear, and they will serve you well for thousands of wears. In addition to being incredibly durable, these materials are so lightweight that they feel like you are not wearing any glasses at all.You may also want to consider other things, such as if the reflective coating of the lenses are office-inappropriate amber lenses or if they come with a cleaning cloth.  

Is there something that we missed? Sound off in the comments below. Tell us how computer glasses compare and contrast to gaming glasses, and let us know which frame is your preference!

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