First Impressions of Umizato Computer Glasses by Certified Optician, Oliver Torres

August 05, 2019

First Impressions of Umizato Computer Glasses by Certified Optician, Oliver Torres

In this video, Oliver talks about his first impressions on Umizato computer glasses. He emphasizes how Umizato lens and frame collection differ from the rest. The model Oliver is wearing in the video is Austin.

Oliver Torres is an ABO Certified Optician with over 15 years of eye care industry experience. He is the founder of Eye Influence, which is a nonprofit with the mission to teach the world about the importance of eye care.


How is it going, everybody? Oliver here for Eye Influence.

Let’s talk about the Umizato blue light filtering glasses. You could find them on Amazon and on their web store. You’ve probably seen them around, but you might be wondering, what sets them apart?

I can tell you that they have good lenses. You could see that they are virtually colorless as I turn my head from side to side.

umizato eye influence first impression

I’m sitting next to a window that is allowing a lot of natural light to come through. You can see the blue light bouncing off of the front of this lens; that’s because they have a blue light anti-reflective coating. The purpose of this kind of coating is to bounce off some of the blue light portions of the light spectrum.

Most of the anti-reflective coatings allow as much light, all across the light spectrum, to pass through. When you have a blue light anti-reflective coating, they actually want to reflect off some of that blue light.

umizato light spectrum blue light

What kind of blue light, in particular, are they filtering out? They filter out between the 400-500nm range and they have a 90% BPF. So, they are filtering out a really good amount, and they do it without having much color on the lens, which is really nice.

If you want to get a little more specific, they do target the 400-470nm and they have about 30% BPF for that particular range. So, that’s why they are able to get this nice colorless lens. They do it by having a combination of a blue light anti-reflective coating, and they have just a touch of color on the lens, but it’s really not perceivable once you’re wearing the glasses.

BPF - Blue Light

I mean, you could see it when you have it against a white background, and when you really want to look for the color, it’s going to be there. But once you have it on, just give it a few minutes and it’s not something you are going to be aware of. Especially when you are in front of a computer screen, smartphone, or any digital device. That tint is really going to help diminish the intensity of the light and make it a lot easier for your eyes when you are looking at those devices.

So, how about the frames? The frame that I have on at the moment is Austin. The collection, overall, is actually really nice. One thing in particular that I wanted to mention about the Umizato frame collection is that they have a few plastic frames with adjustable nose pads. This isn’t very common, believe it or not.

umizato austin computer blue light glasses

I really enjoy it because some people want the look of a plastic frame, but the bridge isn’t supporting enough. So, the frame is always going to be slipping down and you will have to adjust it more behind the ear to get the support there.

Not everybody has time to go to a local optician to get their computer glasses adjusted and not comfortable doing the adjustment by themselves. So, when you could get a set of plastic frames with adjustable nose pads, that’s a huge plus. It’s really nice to know that Umizato has those plastic frame lovers covered because they could get their frames with adjustable nose pads. 

 umizato hudson computer blue light glasses

Umizato also has some metal frame options and plastic frame options without the adjustable nose pads. So, they really have a good selection to choose from. I highly suggest that you take a look at them.

So, if you are looking for a blue light filtering set of glasses, and if you want some virtually colorless lenses, you should definitely take a look at the Umizato collection. You could find them on Amazon and you could also find them on their website.

So far, my time that I had the chance to wear these glasses, I find them very lightweight, very comfortable, and definitely worth checking out.

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