Easy Self-Care Ideas for a Healthier, Happier You!

May 06, 2019

Easy Self Care Ideas for a Healthier, Happier You!

Many of us feel the need to take care of everyone else before we take care of ourselves, but that notion is completely backward. Self-care is the absolute best thing you can do for those around you. As the saying goes, if you can’t love yourself, how are you going to love somebody else? And we agree.

To be clear, self-care doesn’t mean dropping all responsibilities and indulging in every passing fancy just because it feels good. Instead, it’s about treating yourself with kindness and respect, just as you would any other person that you care about.

So in order to help, here are six easy self-care ideas to try for a healthier, happier you.

Wake Up an Hour Earlier

Ok, this may seem terrible in the popular sense because a lot of what we consider to be good self-care ideas are more indulgent. This one feels like it’s going to be a hassle. But actually taking care of yourself isn’t about bath bombs and chocolate desserts; It’s about taking time for yourself and making sure that, as an individual, you’re ok.

Waking up early means you’ll have solo quiet time to do those things that make you happy but that you seem to always put off. This could be reading, practicing yoga, or working on your side project. Just one extra hour in the morning can make a huge difference.

Plus, you’re more likely to take that time for yourself if you get to it right when you wake up, instead of saving it for later when you’re likely too tired after work or school. Simply cooking your favorite breakfast and sharing it with your partner over a leisurely cup of coffee can do wonders for your outlook on the day and is an easy way to prioritize self-care.

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Limit Distractions

These days, everything is vying for your attention and it’s easy to get swept up in the noise. Paying attention to all these distractions takes precious time away from focusing on yourself. Deleting addicting apps from your phone, unfollowing toxic Instagram accounts, and limiting your screen time are some of the best self-care ideas out there.

While it can sometimes be empowering to browse YouTube watching inspiring vloggers and TED Talks, spending hours on social media mindlessly scrolling isn’t the best for our mental state. Chances are you’re comparing yourself to someone else instead of using that time to work on something important or spend time with those who value your company.

Check out our Umizato 5-Day Digital Detox Challengefor more ideas on limiting screen time and forgoing unnecessary distractions.

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Focus on the Physical

Sometimes, the best self-care you can do is by focusing on your physical body. Whether that’s skincare, fitness, or a nutritious diet, you’d be surprised at how good you can feel on the inside by taking care of the outside.

Have you ever noticed that when you’re rundown or feeling sorry for yourself that simply getting dressed can make you feel better? Well, that’s the idea. If you need self-care ideas to help revive your spark, you can start by taking a shower and putting on your favorite outfit. Notice how your mood immediately changes for the better.

Exercise is another big one. Caring for our physical bodies will always make us feel accomplished and working out literally releases endorphins. Make it a point to add exercise to your self-care habits if you haven’t already

Unless you're eating patterns are outrageously unhealthy, there’s usually no reason to go on a strict diet. Instead, focus on fueling your body with nutrients. Many times when we’re feeling down or anxious, simply eating a hearty meal or drinking a large glass of water can help.

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Set Up Routines

This is another one of those self-care ideas that seems counterintuitive at first, but there are few things more calming than a functioning routine. Especially when things get chaotic, setting up routines help you to regain control. But with that being said, rigidity won’t do you much good either, so setting up more than one routine that you can turn to will help you stay balanced when life throws those inevitable curveballs.

For a morning routine, you can aim to wake up and listen to a podcast with a glass of water before you even brew your coffee. Then, go for a run and take a luxurious shower before you head off to work or dive into your inbox. At night, vow to turn off all electronics by 8:00 before curling up with a good novel, lavender incense burning in the background.

By having a couple routines in place, if your morning routine goes awry, you always have your nighttime routine to easily get you back on track.

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Be Spontaneous

While routines are great when things feel overwhelming, self-care might also mean being spontaneous when you’re stuck in a rut. If your day-to-day is becoming boring and strict, it’ll be important for your well-being to go have an adventure.

An adventure can be something as simple as getting your nails done or splurging on a facial. You can take a weekend trip to the beach or go out to a fancy restaurant. Bake a dozen of your favorite cookies and eat them all. After all, taking care of yourself does mean indulging once in a while.

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Prioritize Sleep

Other easy self-care ideas include making sure sleep is a priority. Getting the best sleep possible each night is imperative for feeling your best, and at the end of the day, that’s what self-care is all about.

Wear your Umizato computer glasses while working on your laptop to protect your eyes from the harsh blue light of your screen. Blue light affects our natural circadian rhythm and confuses our bodies, even to the point that we produce less melatonin (the hormone that makes us sleepy). Managing your exposure to blue light will benefit your sleeping patterns and is important for self-care.

Have relaxing tea before bed and leave work at work. Learn how to separate your home life from everything else and let your bedroom become a sanctuary.

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Which of these easy self-care ideas do you like the most? Or what do you do to take care of your beautiful, hard working self? Leave us a comment below and let us know!

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