The Differences Between Computer Glasses and Reading Glasses

April 21, 2020

The Differences Between Computer Glasses and Reading Glasses


With screen time on the rise, it's even more important to protect your eyes and health. If you are over the age of 40, you're probably considering reading glasses or computer reading glasses.

There can be a lot of confusion and stress when you are researching what kind of glasses you need. If you are deciding between a pair of reading glasses and computer reading glasses, it can be a particularly in-depth subject.

That is why we decided to create this article to help outline the difference between the two. From what their benefits are, to the ideal usage for both of them, we’re here to make you an expert on the subject.

You may not think of this being a huge problem…

However, consider the last time you were staring at a monitor for a prolonged period of time and got a headache. Or, a time where you were struggling to read the small print on a label. You may have been wearing a pair of glasses in each situation, but both were ill fitted for what you needed them to do.


What Are Reading Glasses?

These glasses are designed to compensate for your diminished vision with up close objects. By wearing reading glasses, you’ll be able to see the words without squinting or moving back. 

Reading glasses are very common for people between the ages of 40+ as your vision begins to change. Between the ages of 41-60 it is recommended you schedule a comprehensive eye examination at least every two years to see if there are any vision problems developing. 

During this period there will be a gradual worsening in the eye's focusing ability. This condition is called presbyopia. Presbyopia is the loss of the eyes’ ability to actively focus on close objects. This is a very common condition and can be remedied with reading glasses.

As your vision changes, it is common for your eyes to need more light to see, have problems with glare, and an overall reduction of tear production, among a few other challenges.

Learn more about adult vision  by reading  this informative article. 

Generally, reading eyeglasses have a higher focusing power in the lower portion of the lens. They get their name from their ability to help users read the small print on their medicine bottles, newspapers, or books.


When Do I Need Reading Glasses?

Do you need reading glasses? That depends on how severe the problem is.

First and foremost, reading glasses are useful if you suffer from a condition called presbyopia. This means that you have a tough time seeing things closer to you. You may develop this problem with age or it could be genetics. 

Additionally, you may need them if you’re unable to see up-close objects. Is it difficult to read books, text messages, and ingredients on a menu? If so, all of these would be signs of a need for the right pair of reading glasses. 


woman reading in bed



The good news is that you can remedy most of these problems by wearing reading glasses. If you cannot read objects up close without glasses, you should visit your local eye doctor. They can run tests to determine whether or not you need these glasses.


What Strength Of Reading Glasses Do I Need?

The difficult part is trying to determine what strength of reading glasses you need.

This is another reason you’ll want to meet with a professional. The tests they run can help determine how severe the problem is and what strength of glasses you need. You can also try using the chart below to determine what strength is needed.


Reading Glasses Strenth Infographics

You can open the chart on your computer and print it. In general, the power ratings range from +1.00 to +4.00

If for whatever reason you don’t want to consult a professional, reading glasses are sold over the counter. It would be possible to try pairs of reading glasses on the rack and see if any help your vision. We are not suggesting this however.


Are Reading Glasses Effective For Prolonged Computer Use?


Finally, you should know that some reading glasses can be helpful for people who struggle reading small text on their screen. These glasses can help magnify the small text on websites that you are reading. 

That being said, most reading glasses are ineffective with mitigating the effects of screen glare, and encourage you to sit dangerously close to your monitor.

So if you plan to mostly be using your reading glasses for the computer, continue reading on to find out about computer reading glasses.


What Are Computer Reading Glasses?

Many people work on the computer all day and as a result put their eyes under an incredible amount of stress. So, reading glasses might not be suitable for these individuals.


If you fit into this category, you’ll want to learn a bit more about computer reading glasses. These glasses provide the same ability to help you see small print, and also reduce screen glare that can cause eye soreness and headaches.


What Do Computer Reading Glasses Do?

Computer reading glasses are designed for people who work on a computer for many hours each day. 

The biggest benefit provided by computer reading glasses is that they can help you fall asleep easier and faster. The special reflective coating on the lens helps reduce glare and blue light that will mess up your circadian rhythm, especially if you use the computer at night time, or your phone in bed. If you use regular glasses while staring at your device, it is likely that you will struggle to fall asleep.

In addition, computer reading glasses can help combat eye strain associated with prolonged computer use. This is because the coating on the lens reflects tint and glare and makes it easier for our eyes to process the glare and light that our digital devices emit.


What Are The Benefits Of Computer Reading Glasses?

Switching to computer reading glasses will provide you with multiple benefits.

Computer glasses can help you see the screen much better. They’ll also reduce eyestrain and help keep your eyes relaxed. They’re also a good way to reduce violet and blue light, high-energy visible light, and UV light.


As we mentioned before, if you are having trouble falling asleep, these glasses will make a world of difference. We recommend that you wear them when you are looking at digital screens, especially 1-2 hours before your bedtime. Just by wearing them, they will naturally help you fall asleep faster, as your circadian rhythm won’t be adversely affected by all the screen glare and blue light.

Excessive blue light exposure can lead to various issues including prostate cancer, diabetes, heart disease, and vision loss.

If you want to prevent having these issues, computer reading glasses are an inexpensive and effective solution. Wearing a pair can help you protect your retina from vision loss. Millions of people over the age of 60 have experienced some type of macular degeneration and there is a chance a lot of that has to do with blue lights.

If you want to avoid being a statistic, you should wear computer reading glasses and protect yourself.


Computer Glasses Vs Reading Glasses

Computer glasses and reading glasses are similar but there are many differences too. It is pertinent to find out which one is going to work best for you.

To help form the base of your knowledge and understand the differences, we have designed this infographic to give you an overview of these 2 types of glasses.

Computer Glasses VS Reading Glasses

 As you can see, reading glasses are designed for people who are facing challenges with reading, while computer glasses are designed to help people exposed to long term device usage.

Reading glasses are best for people who are going to be reading physical materials such as hardback books, or ingredient lists. Reading glasses are designed to improve near vision for objects that are very close to your face. They’re not good for distance vision so they’re not going to help when you’re driving around. Reading glasses are only good for reading words close to your face.

You’re likely going to sit further away from your computer screen with the average distance being 20 to 26 inches. Reading glasses won’t work for this purpose.

This is where computer glasses enter the picture…

They’re designed to accommodate the distance your eyes are going to be away from the computer screen and they’ll provide numerous benefits. For instance, they can help reduce eye strain while also providing protection from harmful lights.

Wearing computer glasses can help minimize the risk that you’re going to experience headaches, eyestrain, and tried, dried eyes while working on a computer for hours and hours. Reading glasses are good for some purposes but they’re not suitable for working on a computer. If that is what you’re going to do, you need to switch to computer glasses.

If you’re trying to find the glasses that are going to work best for you, it is important to think about what you will be using them for. You’ll want to read the aforementioned information so you know what each type of glasses is good for. Do that and you’ll be able to protect your eyes no matter what you’re doing.


How Do Blue Light Blocking Lenses Help Me?

Do you know about the serious effects of blue light? If you work on the computer frequently, you need to learn about this problematic light as soon as possible.


What Is Blue Light?

When you work on your computer, you’re going to be exposed to blue light and that can disrupt your sleep and increase your risks of developing certain diseases.

How exposure to blue light affects your body


Blue light is emitted from various electronic screens including your television, computer, smartphone, and tablet. Since this form of light has a short wavelength, it produces a bit more energy making it more harmful. 


What Are The Effects Of Blue Light Exposure?

One of the biggest problems caused by blue light exposure is trouble falling asleep. This is because the short wavelengths of blue light affect your levels of melatonin. The effect it has on melatonin is more than any other wavelength. Even a small amount of blue light will cause problems with your natural circadian rhythm and melatonin secretion.

If you use a blue-light emitting device 2 hours before bed, the strain on your eyes will make it take longer to fall asleep. In addition, you are likely to have less REM sleep leading to you feeling more tired when you wake up. Read more about how blue light filter will give you the best sleep of your life.

Studies have concluded that due to the lack of sleep caused by too much blue light, your shorter sleep can lead to the development of cancer, diabetes, weight gain, heart disease, and vision loss. That is why it is pertinent to protect yourself by using computer reading glasses.


There is a chance that your conventional distance and reading glasses are not going to help protect you against blue light. Instead, you’ll need to buy a pair of computer reading glasses. Most of these glasses feature unique lenses that can help block the blue light emitted from your screen.

Learn more about how blue light affects kids and sleep by readingthis article.


Do Blue Light Blocking Lenses Work?

Some people are skeptical that these lenses work. However, it is a proven fact that most computer reading glasses feature filters that can block or absorb the blue light being emitted from your screen.

With a better pair, they might be able to stop UV light too. Anyone who spends a lot of time on the computer should think about buying a pair of these glasses because they do work. They protect you from a variety of problems that would ultimately turn your life upside down.


If you want to protect your vision, reduce your risk of developing heart disease, and save yourself a headache, you’ll want to buy a pair of these glasses and wear them when you sit in front of the computer. Don’t push your eyesight or health at risk.


What Type Of Blue Light Blocking Lenses Are Best For Computer Glasses?

Manufacturers utilize various lenses to block blue light but do they all work? Well, some people swear by them but many in the medical community tend to disagree.

Is it wrong to protect your eyes from potential harm related to long-time exposure to the blue light generated by computers and other electronics? No, but you must be careful when shopping for these spectacles because not all of them are as they seem.


Monofocal Intraocular Lenses, also known as Monofocal IOLs, offer various benefits for the eye. The lens is designed with a “fixed focus”, which is ideal for single distances. These lenses are utilized in patients with cataracts for mid-distance, near, or distance focus. These patients are told not to expect their focus to change post-op.

The IOL works in the same manner as the eye's natural lens. When light enters the eye via the cornea and pupil, the IOL focuses the light onto the retina, which is located at the back of the eyeball.

The material utilized for Monofocal lenses is flexible and no bigger than a dime. The lens is available in both prescription and non-prescription glasses. It is highly recommended for people who spend a lot of time working with the computer because they have a filter that can block both UV and visible blue lighting.


Bifocal lenses, also known as multifocal lenses, are utilized to treat vision problems in people over the age of 40. These individuals may be suffering from a condition called presbyopia, better known as farsightedness. In rare cases, bifocal lenses are prescribed for children with myopia or nearsightedness.

Bifocal lenses are helpful in blocking blue light when utilizing the computer.


Trifocal lenses are a good choice for blocking blue light generated by computers. The lenses are normally utilized to treat eye conditions, such as presbyopia.

If the lenses are prescribed by an ophthalmologist, the patient must request filtration for blue light blocking.

Progressive Computer Reading Glasses

Progressive computer reading glasses are designed to block computer blue light, resulting in fewer headaches and ease of eye strain. Ask your ophthalmologist about these glasses if you need extra protection for your eyes when utilizing electronic devices.


Where to Find the Perfect Pair of Computer Reading Glasses

Now that you are a little bit more informed about the benefits of computer reading glasses you might be interested in investing in a pair. Well you are in luck, because it is now easier than ever to find a great pair of glasses for whatever your needs are. 

The important thing to look for is quality lenses and frames that will not only protect your eyes, but also last for years and be comfortable. A pair of glasses should be seen as an investment, both in terms of style and in terms of health. That is why we always suggest that you don’t go for the cheapest options.


Our Final Thoughts on Reading Glasses vs Computer Reading Glasses

Glasses and lenses can be made for entirely different purposes. If you notice your eyes are feeling strained after working on the computer all day, it may be time to consider picking up a pair of computer reading glasses. 


shop blue light computer reading glasses

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