Free Try at Home

Go ahead and order a pair!

It's free to try it out for 15 days and we won't charge you unless you keep them and you are fully satisfied! In fact, if you decide to keep them and then find out later, before the 30 day return date, that you aren't fully satisfied -- return them for free anyways and get a full refund. No questions asked. Really, we're doing our best to make this a worry free transaction.

Our try at home pair even includes your prescription lens. So, if you decide to keep them, there are no other steps to go through before enjoying them for eternity! You don't have to mail them back so that we can put your "real" lenses in them. And better yet, you will actually be able to really SEE how good they look -- no squinting or hoping your roommate or besty has your same preferences in style by asking them.