Umizato vs. Gunnar Glasses Review

March 05, 2019

Umizato Gunnar computer gaming glasses review

Shielding your eyes from blue light reduces eye strain and protects from conditions like Computer Vision Syndrome. Blue-light blocking lenses heal dry, tired, and fatigued eyes by limiting exposure to harmful rays. But, not all computer and gaming glasses have the same benefits.

Most feature blue-light blocking technology, use anti-reflective coating, and promote eye comfort. Some designs limit color distortion, while others offer yellow and amber tints. Fewer offer these competitive features at a reasonable price.

We offer a look at two of the most popular brands. Read our Umizato vs. Gunnar glasses review to see what benefits their best designs offer. Then, consider which brand you should buy based on your style, profession, and budget.

Umizato versus Gunnar comparison chart

Blue-light Blocking

Umizato blocks 90% of HEV, and Gunnar comes in multiple strengths

Umizato’s computer glasses filter 30% of blue light between 400 and 470nm wavelengths and up to 90% of the most drying, irritating wavelengths. Gunnar absorbs 65% of HEV blue light overall with its yellow-tinted, color-altering lenses, but can offer even more protection with amber lenses. This may mean slight differences in their ability to:

  • Improve sleep,
  • Reduce eye strain,
  • Enhance clarity and focus, and
  • Prevent Computer Vision Syndrome.

Both Umizato and Gunnar offer specific and measurable facts about their blue-light blocking technology. While Gunnar’s amber lenses block more blue light, this may not be optimal for maintaining a circadian rhythm. For some, this will be a slight difference—not so with visual experience.

Visual Experience

Umizato computer glasses for the workplace vs. Gunnar gaming computer glasses

Sofia // Blue Light Filtering Glasses by Umizato

Umizato offers  Low Color Distortion, and Gunnar gives Classic Yellow and Amber Tints for more blue-blocking power

Umizato designs its lenses for appropriateness in a high-performance, color-sensitive profession. While, with its signature yellow tint, Gunnar provides a high-contrast, yellow or amber visual experience to block even more harmful blue light. As with visual experience, there are real differences between the competitors when it comes to style options.

Style Options

Umizato fits many unique tastes, and Gunnar offers over 90 mostly rectangular looks

Umizato offers 28 styles for every age, job, and taste, while Gunnar has 5 clear-lens frames and over 90 frames overall. Gunnar leans toward the square look in its 92 options, while Umizato makes room for personal taste by giving nearly 30 unique options like:

  • Space-age aviator “Nebula,”
  • Trendsetting and bookish “Eclipse,”
  • Retro-crystalline “Antalya,”
  • Classic, multi-material “Hudson,”
  • Steel, half-frameless “Fuji,” and
  • Dual-color “Charlotte” and “Orion.”

You can wear any of Umizato’s frames and styles on an everyday basis and without compromising a professional appearance at the office. But, Gunnar suits the gamer well—especially those who want to block as much blue light as possible (no matter the tint). They have some interesting cat-eye and oval frames to offset the rectangular trend:

  • Yellow-tinted Scope
  • Amber-tinted RX Vayper, and
  • Mirror-finished RX MLG Phantom

Material Design

Umizato uses  Carbon-Fiber materials, and Gunnar is lightweight

Umizato chooses premium materials like strong, light carbon fiber for its fashionable frames. Gunnar also promises a lightweight experience with the use of quality steel and aluminum. Gunnar is known for their quality in the market. They offer strong, lightweight frames that suit gamers and tech-savvy consumers.

Umizato’s use of premium materials sets it above some competitors. Carbon fiber is 10 times stronger than steel and 8 times stronger than aluminum, making a few of Umizato’s material designs stronger in some cases. While offering glasses that could last 10 times longer than competitors, Umizato also provides the same anti-glare and UV protection.

Protective Finishes






Umizato and Gunnar computer glasses filter blue light for gamers and professionals

Orion in Black// Blue Light Filtering Glasses by Umizato

Umizato and Gunnar offer anti-glare coating & UV Protection

Uzimato and Gunnar finish their lenses with an anti-reflective, anti-glare coating designed to improve visual acuity and reduce reflections. These precautions should mean a comparable experience in seeing details of your screen while protecting you from distracting glare. Some benefits you will find from both brands are:

  • Greater visual detail,
  • Lower cause for distraction, and
  • Less strain on your eyes’ performance.

Umizato and Gunnar both offer UV protection to promote overall eye health during long work days and sun exposure, but they do not always charge the same for these similar benefits.

Price Differences

Umizato’s options start at $49, and crystalline Gunnar glasses go for $69

While offering low color distortion, strong materials, and effective protection, Umizato starts their frames at $49. Gunnar sells beautiful crystalline frames for $69. Many of Gunnar’s frames match Umizato’s price and provide a yellow tint inside steel or aluminum frames. Customers sometimes prefer Umizato for:

  • Comparable HEV protection,
  • Lower color distortion,
  • Less breakable materials, and
  • More unique styling options.

Both Gunnar and Umizato have thought carefully about what you are really looking for in the perfect eye strain solution. This includes premium build quality and a robust number of styles to match your personality and taste. And, they offer these benefits and customizations at similar prices.

Final Thoughts

Ninety percent of people who spend more than three hours on a blue-light screen feel eye strain, dizziness, headaches, and more. More and more seek an effective, lasting, and attractive solution to digital eye strain. A pair of blue-light blocking glasses is the best way to protect your eyes, but selecting the right brand can challenge you.

Most brands feature blue-light blocking technology, anti-glare finishes, and UV-shielding lenses. Few offer a wide selection of frames and high-quality construction. Umizato and competitors like Gunnar offer comparable protection, low color distortion options, and a number of great styles made from high-quality materials.

We found Umizato to be as transparent and clear about their effectiveness as their lenses are in visual experience. By comparison, Gunnar offers more customization with amber and yellow lenses that increase blue-blocking,

Both in style and material design, Umizato and Gunnar offer unique frame options for their respective markets, and both use strong materials like carbon fiber. While both Umizato and Gunnar offer protective finishes, we found that Umizato glasses are often priced lower than competitors.


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