10 Signs You Need Blue Blocker Glasses

April 29, 2019

woman in umizato blue light blocking blue filtering manila computer pc glasses

Blue blocker glasses can help you sleep better and this article will tell you when it’s time to pick up a pair.

Blue blocker glasses have become popular in recent years not just because celebrities are promoting them on Instagram and other social media outlets, but because they really work.

And I should know. I've been wearing blue blocker glasses every day for the last several years and have noticed a significant impact in my life. Recently, my mother-in-law accidentally picked up my blue blocker glasses and dropped them in her purse thinking they were her own.

For two days I scrambled and avoided my computer because I felt a distinct difference between attempting to use my computer without the glasses and the comfort that I felt when shielded by these blue blocker glasses.


Is Digital Eye Strain Different from Blue Light Problems?

Digital eye strain refers to the temporary discomfort that follows a few or more hours of use with a digital device. Digital eye strain is connected with a number of different factors related to our reliance on computers and other devices  like flicker rate and blink rate.

Many people think about eye strain in relation to their computer, but so many people use digital devices throughout the day and for long periods of time. This long exposure can increase the chances of symptoms tied to eye strain.

Blue light is another issue that causes trouble in your life, primarily when it comes to falling asleep. As a society, we're confronted with blue light on a daily basis almost all day long from the moment that you open your eyes, to the moment that you fall asleep.

Smartphones, desktop and laptop computers, e-readers, gaming systems, televisions and tablets, are all forms of blue light, and the chances of problems with blue light can increase when you are using these devices simultaneously or when switching back and forth from one to another.

Umizato  Blue Blockers Computer Glasses


What Are the Signs You’re Coping with Eye Strain or Blue Light Symptoms?

There are many different symptoms of digital eye strain that will vary from one person to another, but  common ones include headaches, blurred vision, red, dry or irritated eyes, and eye fatigue. Blue light primarily causes issues with your sleep.

It's important to remember that digital eye strain is not caused by any one isolated event or behavior, but rather is the compounding of numerous issues. When devices are being used improperly, such as being held too far from the eyes or at the wrong angle, this can enhance digital eye strain.

But blue light is one of the most common causes of problems with digital eye strain. Blue light is also referred to as high energy visible light and is emitted by digital devices. It causes eye strain at a more significant level when compared with other  colors that have a longer wavelength.

Furthermore, blue light has been associated with age related macular degeneration and cataracts.

Here are the top ten signs that you need blue light blockers or these glasses that help to prevent the blue light from having these devastating effects.


1. Your Vision Is Fuzzy at The End of The Day

Many Americans today work long hours in front of the computers and might not even realize the impact that digital eye strain is having on them until it's time to clock out and leave the office for the day or finally close that laptop lid.

If your vision is fuzzy, it's because you've probably asked a lot of your eyes.


2. You Spend 10 Or More Hours Per Day on Your Computer and With Other Devices

Most people assume that they'll need blue light blockers only for their job. While it's true that spending a lot of time in front of a computer at your job can increase your chances of digital eye strain, many people forget that heading home and picking up their tablet or phone or turning on the television also impedes blue light.

Blue light blockers can help to limit the amount of exposure to blue light, especially when they're worn regularly throughout the day.

Man on computer all day with blue blockers from Umizato


3. You Get Headaches

One of the leading signs of problems with blue light that should prompt you to get blue light blockers is that you're getting headaches. Headaches are an advanced sign that you are suffering from digital eye strain.

These headaches can be very painful and make it difficult for you to complete your work. Although there are many different causes of headaches, start to track yours: do they happen at the same time each day? Where do you feel the pressure- is it around or behind your eyes?


4. You're Having Trouble Sleeping

Many people who have blue light blockers have noted significant improvements in their  ability to fall asleep. To enhance the role that your blue light blockers play, try to avoid blue light at all for an hour before bed.

Trouble sleeping is because of the way that the blue light affects your brain. Research shows that when compared with every other type of light, blue light has the most negative effect on melatonin. Melatonin helps you sleep, so if you’re absorbing unfiltered blue light throughout the day, blue blockers can help you avoid these sleeping issues.

A  Harvard study found that 6.5 hours of blue light, when compared with green light, led to suppressed melatonin. That melatonin was suppressed for twice as long as the green light and shifted the sleeper’s circadian rhythms by twice as much! This means it takes a longer time to fall asleep and stay asleep. When it comes to nighttime, not all light is created equal. Wear blue blocker glasses for at least two hours before bed to feel the difference.

Umizato Sleep Better With Blue Light Filter Glasses



5. You Can't Ever Seem to Get the Control Settings Right on Your Computer Display

You've tried to turn on night shift but often forget or can't seem to find a way that enables you to see the screen well enough without also having severe pain or blurred vision at the end of the day.

I know before using blue blockers I was always trying to update the setting because the computer seemed so bright. If this is you, it’s time to upgrade to something that blocks that blue light at all times.

This is a sign that blue light blockers could help. Blue light blockers will help to ensure that you are always blocked from blue light rather than having to remember to set the controls.


6. Sore Shoulders, Neck or Back

Most people assume that the problems with blue light, that could be addressed by blue light blockers, are present only in the head or eyes alone. This is not true.

The way that you hold your body can also further advance the symptoms of digital eye strain. So sore shoulders, neck or back can all affect you. Getting up and taking regular breaks will help you cut down on body pain. Consider using a standing desk, too. But if the underlying cause of your pain has to do with eye strain, you’ll need to address that issue first.


7. Trouble Concentrating

You might want to blame your trouble concentrating on an overall ability to get distracted easily, but the truth is that digital eye strain may be felt first by the symptoms that cause you to lose focus quickly.

It’s hard to stay focused towards the end of the day when your eyes have already done a lot of work staring at screens and blue light. Trouble concentrating is a key sign you need support from blue blockers, especially if your job requires you to be in front of a computer all day and you have minimal opportunities to cut that time.


8. Watery Eyes

Digital eye strain can be marked not only by blurred vision, but by watery eyes too. Since wearing my own blue light blockers, I've watched my watery eyes decrease significantly, and the few times I haven't had my blue light blockers with me, I've experienced watery eyes that I felt compelled to rub.


9. You Can Only Last for Short Periods of Time on Your Computer

After logging many hours in front of the computer or other blue light heavy devices, it might be more and more difficult for you to complete work. This is a serious sign that you might be suffering from problems that could be addressed by blue light blockers. Over the course of the day, your absorption of blue light can enhance the symptoms you are experiencing, like the sore neck and shoulders mentioned above, or the blurred vision. You'll get sick of being in front of your computer without even realizing that it is because of blue light.


10. You Don't Often Take A Break from Your Computer

Some of the people most likely to suffer problems with digital eye strain and blue light are those who spend hours in front of the computer without taking a break. You should take a break at a minimum of every hour and walk away from blue light devices entirely. In our digital age, this is increasingly hard to do, but it is also vital for your ability to protect your eyes from significant strain and other problems.

 Man on Ipad with Umizato glasses


How Blue Light Blockers Can Help

Blue light blockers are an inexpensive way to address the problems associated with this blue light and its many effects on your daily life.

Blue light blockers can be obtained quickly and easily, so that you always have a good field of vision around you and don't have to worry about the negative impacts of blue light affecting you.  


If You Want to Try Blue Light Blocker Glasses

Here are a few good options depending on the shape of your face, size, and colors you like:



Part of our XLite collection, these frames are crafted from innovative TR-90 memory material to create the lightest and most comfortable frames we have. With a modern shape, you can wear these stylish frames all day long and not even notice them! Shop them here. 

Umizato Blue ultralightweight blue light blockers



These are mindfully designed to be effortlessly seductive, especially for your Zoom meetings. As a plus, they are ridiculously light weight and comfortable with it's ultra thin acetate and gold stainless steel temples. For minimalist fans of the classic cat eye style,  shop your pair here.



If you want a new twist to the classic browline style, Hiro is made with eco-friendly acetate coupled with premium stainless steel blue blockers. You will love the extreme comfort feature and intricate details on this timeless choice. Shop your pair here. 



Hamburg's wide rectangular lens and bold frame exudes confidence. This hand-polished acetate frame comes in a glossy finish and flexible spring hinges. The two toned temple makes it a perfect look for business or pleasure. Click here to start shopping now!

Umizato hamburg blue light blocking filtering computer glasses lightweight



Written by Laura Pennington

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