The Perfect Glasses Styles for Your Profession

November 07, 2017

The Perfect Glasses Styles for Your Profession

Do you know that there are particular glasses styles and frame designs that would nicely compliment your job personality and characteristics? We’ve picked out some job descriptions and the glasses styles that flatter them. Let's explore some perfect glasses styles for the following professions!


Male doctor wearing black carbon fiber prescription glasses frame

Physicians are conscientious, caring by nature, and above all, bear a striking intellect that provides comfort to their patients with their knowledge. If you’re a physician, scrubs and a crisp white lab coat is undoubtedly your signature outfit for the day.

For a style of glasses that is both subtle and modern, but that doesn’t come across as too overpowering or dominating, we believe that you should try out the lightweight carbon-fiber frames. If you wish to experiment with blue frames for an energetic yet appealing frame style, you should try our ultra-lightweight Pictor.

Recommended Glasses Styles for Physicians:

Eclipse in Black

Eclipse Carbon Fiber Full Rim Black Prescription Glasses at Umizato

Pictor in Blue

Pictor Blue TR90 Light Full Frame Prescription Glasses at Umizato


Male lawyer wearing black rectangular prescription glasses frame

Men and women in black exude a very strong, powerful and dominating personality with a dynamic mind that engages in critical analysis and knowledgeable discourse. Their confident personality is polished with their powerful business suits, sharply tailored black blazers and crisp white shirts. For such powerful and dynamic personalities, glasses styles must also be equally bold and edgy. We recommend you to amplify your debonair with solid black frames, and also delicate narrow frames that cast a powerful charisma.

Recommended Glasses Styles for Lawyers:

Zephyr in Black

Zephyr Black Prescription Glasses at Umizato

Kilimanjaro in Black Gold

Kilimanjaro Black Gold Prescription Glasses at Umizato

Waiters & ​Waitresses

Female waitress wearing brown broad over-sized prescription glasses frame

Being an essential element of the hospitality business, your personality shines with flexible characteristics and your social demeanor always engages others with your ever-ready smile. You always take the initiative to make your guests more comfortable, and give your best to each table. Your signature outfit needs to be paired up with attractive and appealing glasses styles that help you garner attention. We recommend you to experiment with over-sized frames or better yet, the broad glamorous cat-eye frames.

Recommended Glasses Styles for Waiters and Waitresses:

Brighton in ChestnutBrighton Chestnut Square Plastic Prescription Glasses at Umizato

Antalya in TopazAntalya Topaz Transparent Prescription Glasses at Umizato

Graphic​ ​Designers & Photographers

Female and male designers wearing round prescription glasses frames

Graphic designers and photographers are always glued to their computer screens, flaunting contemporary casual outfits that allow them to channel their artistic personalities sans restraint. They are brimming with creativity, and their funny side always delights other people who come in contact with them.

Such artsy and creative personalities must never be understated with boring glasses styles. We recommend you to experiment with bold frames and rounded enough to emphasize your eyes. You can also experiment with computer glasses for extra safety.

Recommended Glasses Styles for Graphic Designers and Photographers:

Manila in Tortoise Mint

Manila Tortoise Mint Round Full Rim Prescription Glasses at Umizato

Osaka in Tortoise

Osaka Tortoise Prescription Glasses at Umizato


male engineer wearing rimless rectangular prescription glasses frame

Critical thinkers like engineers have strong and investigative personalities and their powerful work ethics are reflected with their dynamic nature. You surely need an equally dominating glasses style to complement your enterprising and intelligent traits. We recommend you to flaunt titanium eyeglass frames, or half-rim rectangular frames that emphasize your facial features and attract attention.

Recommended Glasses Styles for Engineers:

Fuji in Black Silver

Fuji Titanium Black Silver Half-Rim Prescription Glasses at Umizato

Cebu in Jet

Cebu Jet Black Half-Rim Prescription Glasses at Umizato

Flight​ ​Attendants

Flight attendant wearing black cat-eyed sunglasses frame

Flight attendants are gracious caregivers that reflect a gentle demeanor and a polite way of conversing. Their social personality shines bright with the beauty of a considerate and accommodating individual. The friendly attendant is usually seen flaunting skirts, blazers, and scarfs. The attendant's outfit works best with warm-hued frames, transparent frames or dominating cat-eye frames that will highlight your femininity.

Recommended Glasses Styles for Flight Attendants:

Sofia in Cappuccino

Sofia Cappuccino Prescription Glasses at Umizato

Charlotte in Black Red

Charlotte Black Red Prescription Glasses at Umizato

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