How a Musician and a Dancer Use Computer Glasses

December 11, 2018

How a Musician and a Dancer Use Umizato's Computer Glasses

You might assume that computer glasses are only for gamers and app developers. Well, think again. In this day and age, so much of the world is online and professionals who you may not expect to wear computer glasses are revealing in the benefits.

Isaac Cavallaro and Kaylee Randall are a couple who works from home – Isaac is a musician and producer and Kaylee is a dancer and freelance writer – who both use Umizato computer glasses to help them stay productive throughout the day.

Umizato caught up with the couple to share the obvious ways in which they use their computer glasses as an electronic music producer and blog writer. And also, the less obvious reasons the glasses come in handy as a traditional musician and dancer.

A Day in the Life

Starting their day at around 8:00 every morning, Isaac and Kaylee slide on their Umizato computer glasses and get to work. Isaac spends most of his time in their living room, working on his quiet tone drum kit in his self-made workspace and Kaylee starts on her to-do list in their cozy bedroom.

As a writer, all of Kaylee’s work is digital and wearing computer glasses while writing helps her work longer and harder. She first hops on her email to sort through her tasks and spends most of the day researching and writing for a variety of clients.

“Most of my writing work consists of blogging or creating web content for various companies,” Kaylee explains. “Even my ‘print’ work is published in the online version of magazines. It’s a lot of time spent on my computer and the glasses help.”

Isaac’s work as a musician is also transitioning into the digital realm. As a producer, he spends countless hours writing music on Abelton, a digital music composition program. The process, while incredibly rewarding for Isaac, is tedious and requires uninterrupted focus.

“My love of music and my love for the process of creating electronic music is what keeps me invested for hours on end,” says Isaac. “But I’ve really noticed that wearing these computer glasses has helped with eye fatigue after a long day of producing.”

How a Musician and a Dancer Use Computer Glasses

Computer Glasses for the Traditional Musician and Professional Dancer

While it may be pretty self-explanatory that a blog writer and an electronic music producer would benefit from blue light blocking glasses, Isaac and Kaylee’s performing careers as both a traditional musician and a dancer have less obvious applications for Umizato products.

At gigs where Isaac performs, his computer glasses really come in handy. “When I’m sight reading music, a lot of the time I’m using my iPad instead of paper charts,” Isaac says. “Very often I also record my performances and watch them back later so I can learn from the footage to get better in the long run. All of this requires screen time.”

While Kaylee isn’t using her computer glasses while performing in a show, instead a big thing in dance careers is creating a show reel. Every year Kaylee films, gathers, splices, and edits footage of her dancing to create a show reel to send to casting directors, which takes a ton of time interacting with blue light.

Also, Isaac and Kaylee both spend loads of time marketing themselves on the internet as a drummer and dancer. As performers, they are contractors and run their own businesses, constantly pitching their skills to agents, production companies, and casting directors. These days, that means a website, videos, and photos and most of this marketing is done through a laptop.

“We both have our own websites and blogs that we’ve spent a lot of energy on,” says Isaac. “Not only is it important to us that we represent ourselves well in real life, we also understand the importance of having an online presence.”

Kaylee goes on to explain that the couple spends a fair bit of time on YouTube as well. “Sometimes we’re watching things that relate to us both, like Ted Talks about exploring creativity,” she says. “But often Isaac will be deep in a rabbit hole of drum videos from New York and I’ll be super invested in dance class videos coming out of LA. We both like getting educated in that way.”

How a Musician and a Dancer Use Computer Glasses

The Look

As performers, it’s undeniable that a look counts for a lot. The good news for Kaylee and Isaac is that when wearing Umizato glasses, you wouldn’t know that they were made for computers. With such a light tint, the lenses look clear. Plus, the styles are super trendy – necessary for people like Isaac and Kaylee who have careers where, for better or worse, trendiness matters.

Isaac, realizing how much time he spends interacting with screens, wears his computer glasses all the time now. “I really like the way they look and I definitely notice the difference when I’m not wearing them,” he says. “I have a couple pairs from different companies and the glasses have become part of my image.”

As previously mentioned, Kaylee can’t wear her glasses on stage. But as a writer, she’ll spend the whole day in her Umizato spectacles. “They’re really comfortable and light,” she says. “I forget I’m even wearing them until I look in a mirror. Plus, the clear frames are fun and I don’t mind wearing them when I’m working out in a café or library.”

Final Thoughts

The moral of the story – computer glasses are for everyone. You’d be hard pressed to find someone who doesn’t spend huge portions of their day watching a screen or working on a computer.

Made for more than just software engineers and techies, Umizato glasses are doing wonders for musicians, dancers, and writers like Isaac and Kaylee.

Have an interesting career where you use Umizato computer glasses? We’d love to hear from you! Share your story in the comments.

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