Easy Last-Minute Halloween Costume Ideas with Glasses

October 26, 2017

Leonard from The Big Bang Theory Halloween Costume Idea Last Minute Easy

When Halloween is only a few days away and you realize you haven't even started looking for a new costume. You might be panicking to find that one perfect hair-raising outfit, but fear not! Here are a few easy last-minute DIY Halloween costume ideas you can find in your own closet. Even if you do not normally wear eyeglasses, there's always the option of non-prescription frames for each style we carry.


Leonard Hofstadter from The Big Bang Theory

 Leonard The Big Bang Theory Halloween Costume

The popularity of The Big Bang Theory sitcom is still strong and for those long term fans who'd like to geek out, dressing up as this experimental physicist from Cal Tech can be a ton of fun. Here's what you'll need to gather to make this Leonard Hofstadter costume work:

  • Bold black rectangular glasses
  • Grey graphic t-shirt
  • Grey zipper hoodie
  • Olive green military jacket
  • Black pants
  • Black canvas shoes
  • Brown shoulder bag


Margo Gru from Despicable Me

Margo Gru from Despicable Me Easy Halloween Costume Idea

Dressing up as the sensitive and untrusting Margo from Despicable Me can bring out the child in you. She is the eldest of 3 adopted daughters of Felonius Gru and Lucy Wilde. The brown hair tied in a ponytail, matched with a conservative school girl outfit will make your costume a hit at any Halloween party. Here's what you'll need:


 Eggsy Unwin from Kingsman: The Golden Circle

Eggsy Unwin from Kingsman Halloween Costume Ideas Black Glasses

The Kingsman film series is an action spy comedy that has a popular following for those who like to mix humor with a little British spy drama. Eggsy, originally a troubled street kid, has a very slick clean look once he joined the Kingsman. For those who like this preppy spy style, it is the perfect Halloween costume that entails the following items:

  • Black square glasses
  • White shirt
  • Blue stripe necktie
  • Grey business suit
  • Black pants
  • Black lace-up oxford
  • Classic leather watch


Edna Mode from The Incredibles

Edna Mode from The Incredibles Halloween Costume Ideas Easy

The Incredibles story is about a family of retired superheros from an alternate universe similar to the 1960's.  Edna Mode is the short, talented, and demanding fashion designer of superhero outfits. Her cutting edge chic look makes this Halloween costume one that will stand out in the crowd. These are the pieces to gather:

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