2018 Fall Favorites

October 11, 2018

computer glasses fall favorites

Autumn is finally here friends! The leaves are falling and beginning to change colors while the smell of pumpkin spice floats softly through the air. In the spirit of all things Fall, the team here at Umizato has put together a short list of favorite blue-light filtering computer glasses to keep you looking fresh this Fall season.

Hudson, in Classic Tortoise

Hudson blue light blocking computer glasses

With the perfect blend of luxury, charm, and comfort, you’ll be protecting your eyes in style with this Fall favorite!

Brighton, in Chestnut

Brighton blue light blocking computer glasses

Impress your friends with these vintage-inspired frames that also have the power to filter blue light.

Antalya, in Topaz

Antalya blue light blocking computer glasses

It comes as no surprise that the Antalya is one of our most popular frames with the ladies! They add a unique twist to a classic look, which is why we are listing it as one of our fall favorites this year.

Charlotte, in Tortoise

Charlotte blue light blocking computer glasses

This season, fall in love with these subtle cat-eye computer glasses that filter blue light!

Everest, in Brown Orange

Everest blue light blocking computer glasses

Impress your friends and family with one of our most classic Fall favorites look.

Osaka, in Tortoise

Osaka blue light blocking computer glasses

These computer glasses filter blue light and are one of our newest addition to the Fall favorites collection. This new, contemporary look will keep you looking chic all day long.

Whether you're picking out Halloween costumes or preparing Thanksgiving dinner, be sure to buy yourself and your loved ones a pair of our handcrafted,high-quality blue light filtering computer glasses. Your eyes will thank you!

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