21 Best Nerd Gift Ideas 2019

November 29, 2018

Best of Holiday Nerdy Gift Ideas for 2018 - ft. Umizato Blue Light Blocking Computer Glasses

When it comes to your nerdy little brother or your geeky best friend, it’s not always obvious what to buy them for the holidays. Or maybe you’re the nerd and you’re not ashamed to let that nerd flag fly!

So, we came up with a list of awesome nerd gift ideas for the lovable geek within.

Pictor Lightweight Computer Glasses

On the more practical side, someone who’s glued to their laptop could use a pair of stylish computer glasses. Made to reduce the effects of blue light, wearing a pair will help with eye fatigue, focus, and leads to better sleep, too.

Click HERE to buy these computer glasses for your nerdy friends!

 Pictor Blue Light Blocking Computer Glasses from Umizato

Mini Planetarium Projector

This is a geeky gift for anyone who’s obsessed with outer space. This tiny globe projects the cosmos on the walls and ceilings of any room, making an at-home planetarium.

You can set its latitude, date, and time for a view of the stars on that particular day in that particular spot. Or you can have it on a rotation to see how these bundles of gas and magic move through the night sky.

Click HERE to shop this gift for your favorite space-loving nerd.

 Nerd Gift Idea - Mini Planetarium

Mini At-Home 3D Printer

For the nerd who’s into figurines, a 3D printer means creating your own. Or for geeks who are more into practical items but prefer to do everything DIY, a 3D printer makes printing beverage coasters, wall hooks, and planters totally possible. The possibilities are endless!

While 3D printers can be pricey, there are some that are definitely affordable. If you’ve got the funds, a DIY inventor nerd will be absolutely stoked to receive such a cool and useful geek gift.

Click HERE to buy a mini 3D printer for the DIY master in your life!

Mini 3D Printer for the DIY Nerd 

Floppy Disk Coasters

Geeks don’t like cup rings either. Protect your coffee table while embracing the nerd inside you with these floppy disk coasters. And when your teenage nephew asks, “What are those supposed to be?” they can be the perfect conversation starter.

Click HERE to get these quirky little gifts for your nerd friends!

Floppy Disk Coaster for the Techy Nerd

Rick and Morty Monopoly

When considering nerd gift ideas, it’s easy to hit up the video game store and grab the newest edition of Spiderman for the XBOX. But what about good ol’ board games? Those can be nerdy too, right? Yep, you can get your geek a Rick and Morty Monopoly set.

We all know the original Monopoly featuring that rich guy with the white mustache and shiny top hat. For our nerds in the family, swap out that classic old rich guy for a crazy old scientist who adventures with his grandson all over the universe.

Click HERE to buy the Rick and Morty Monopoly Game to play with all your nerdy friends and family.

Nerdy Rick and Morty Monopoly Game

Arcade Light Switch

If you’re looking for a bit of nostalgia, this nerd gift is sure to bring back memories. Especially suitable for the nerd collector, perhaps with an extra room in their house storing all their geeky memorabilia, this arcade light switch is a must-have.

Created in the style of old school arcade game buttons, this panel can be used with any rocker style light switch. It’s perfect for game rooms, young kids’ bedrooms, or your decked-out basement immortalizing your childhood Pacman obsession. No judgment!

Click HERE to get the quirky arcade light switch for the classic gaming nerd!

 Arcade Light Switch for the Classic Gaming Nerd

Eclipse Carbon Fiber Computer Glasses

For a nerd who wants to make a fashion statement, these computer glasses (like the ones previously mentioned) are made with carbon fiber and built to last.

And don’t worry -- these aren’t a pair of glasses that will make you “face palm” from embarrassment when you see them. They’re actually super trendy and probably much cooler than your inner nerd is used to.

Click HERE to buy these high quality carbon fiber computer glasses for all your favorite geeky friends!

Eclipse Blue Light Blocking Computer Glasses

Spock Oven Mitt

This one’s for all those foodies with a nerdy side – An oven mitt paying homage to Spock’s famous Vulcan gesture.

Instead of a silly “Kiss the Cook” apron, your friend who loves to bake will appreciate that you remembered they also have a soft spot for 1960’s sci-fi television. May all the chocolate chip cookies live long and prosper.

Click HERE to buy these nerdy over mitts.

 Geeky Star Trek Oven Mitts

Jeopardy! The Card Game

Give Alex Trebek a break and play Jeopardy at home. With the Jeopardy Card Game, you can play the television quiz show that you’re clearly obsessed with anywhere, anytime. Show off your skills to friends and family, in case they need any more reasons to tease you for being the biggest geek of all time.

Click HERE to shop this item for all your geeky, trivia-obsessed friends.

 Geeky Card Game

Star Wars R2D2 Measuring Cups

Here’s another one for fans of cooking and sci-fi cult classics – this time, Star Wars. But this set isn’t just decorated with R2D2s. The set is R2D2.

When all stacked up, this set of 1/4, 1/2, 1/3, and 1 cup sizes makes R2D2’s body. His arms are 1/4. 1/2 and 1 teaspoons and the dome of his head are a half cup and a tablespoon. It’s pretty epic.

Click HERE to shop for the geeky Star Wars fanatic in your life!

LED Nametag

Calling all class clowns! Waltzing into work wearing a scrolling LED nametag is about the nerdiest thing you can do. The programmable gag gift is sure to get a few laughs – or just a bunch of your friends in their cubicles slowly shaking their heads at your level of nerdiness.

Click HEREto shop for this nerdy nametag.

Nerdy Nametag

Nuclear Element Bar Soap and Periodic Table Shower Curtain

Forget the Bath and Body Works soap baskets. Get some shower products to celebrate the nerd-within.

This particular soap comes in a variety of elements like uranium and plutonium and the radioactive ones glow in the dark. Such a simple way to turn an everyday shower into a true geek fest.

Paired with the periodic table shower curtain, it’s taking a classic soap basket to a whole other level.

Click HERE to shop for the soap and HERE for the shower curtain! A perfect gift set for the nerdy and upcoming scientist.

Nerdy Soap

Nerdy Shower Curtain

NES Cube Speaker

Inspired by the classic Nintendo NES controllers, this Bluetooth speaker is the perfect gift for gamer geeks. Still useful and practical but totally encouraging the inevitable nerdy side while listening to your favorite tunes.

Click HERE to shop this speaker for the retro-inspired nerd.

 Retro Speakers

Vintage Typewriter Style Keyboard

Maybe you’re not the type of nerd who wears Zelda t-shirts and attends Comic-Con regularly. Perhaps you’re that other kind of nerd who’s always got their nose in a book and is working on a novel of their own.

For the geeky bookworm who’d love to feel like a classic writer of decades passed, there’s a keyboard that emulates a vintage typewriter. Plug it into your desktop or use it wirelessly with a tablet, it’s a fun, nerdy gift that any writer-type will love.

Click HERE to shop for your favorite nerdy bookworm!

Vintage Typewriter Gift for the Nerdy Bookworm

Magnetic Notebook

And while you’re plugging away one your new typewriter-style keyboard, you’re bound to have a jumble of notes on sticky pads scattered all across your desk. Opt for a magnetic notebook that allows you to rearrange the pages while preserving the paper notebook feel.

Click HERE to shop for these cool magnetic notebook that every geek will appreciate!

Rekonect Magnetic Notebook

 Dinosaur Wine Bottle Stoppers

If you loved roaming the halls of your local natural history museum as a kid, relishing in awe of the giant T-Rex skeleton looming above you, get these wine stoppers and reminisce on your childhood paleontology dreams over a glass of Chardonnay.

Click HERE to buy these wine bottle stoppers for the dinosaur-loving nerd.

Wine Stoppers for the Dinosaur Loving Nerd

Harry Potter Wizard Chess Set

If you’re a nerd, you’ve probably read the entire Harry Potter series – perhaps even more than once. Additionally, if you’re a nerd, you probably love chess. Why not combine the two into an ultimate geek gift?!

Harry Potter Wizard Chess is based off chess set that Harry, Hermione, and Ron come across in their quest for the Sorcerer’s Stone in book one. Except it’s not giant and won’t move on its own – or try to kill you.

 Click HERE to buy this chess set for your favorite Harry Potter fan!

Harry Potter Chess Set

Caped Batman Slippers

There’s nothing better than curling up by the fire on a cold winter evening. Oh, wait a minute – maybe there is something better. (Na na na na na na na na na) Batman slippers! These ones even have a capes attached.

Know a geek who loves Batman? Click HERE to buy them these fun Batman slippers!

 Nerdy Batman Sippers

Planet Earth: The Complete BBC Series

You know you’re a nerd when you’re so invested in BBC’s Planet Earth that it’s accidentally 2 am and you now understand the mating rituals of flying lemurs in the Philippines. Maybe it’s David Attenborough’s soothing narration or maybe it’s the cuteness of brown bears in the West. Regardless, true nature nerds will go wild for this series. 

Click HERE to shop for the Planet Earth DVD Series - perfect for every nature-loving geek.

Planet Earth DVD Gift Set for the Nerd!

Everest Gaming Glasses

Gone are the days of those horribly yellow tinted gamer glasses that your girlfriend won’t stop complaining about. For the holidays, ask for gaming glasses more like these.

Without the harsh yellow tint, they still give you protection from blue like and are comfortable to wear all day long.

Click HERE to shop these glasses for the gaming geek in your life.

Everest Blue Light Blocking Computer Glasses from Umizato

Chemistry Lab Shot Glasses

Perfect for chemistry majors, graduated nurses, or simply the all-around science lover, this shot glass set comes with two mini beakers, a mini conical Erlenmeyer flask, and a mini round Florence flask.

Click HERE to buy these chemistry lab shot glasses that every nerd will love. 

Nerdy Chemistry Shot Glasses

What are some of the best nerd gifts you’ve ever given or received? Let us know in the comments. 

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